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UAE To Launch World’s First Metaverse Hospital In October

Jul 7, 2022

According to reports, Thumbay, a healthcare firm, has started working on a metaverse project. The project aims at creating a hospital facility in the metaverse. 

Thumbay Group will be in charge of running the medical metaverse. Patients can make use of avatars while visiting the digital hospital. Also, they can talk with physicians through avatars.

Dr Thumbay Moideen, the CEO of Thumbay Group, noted they would launch the facility in October. He said it would be a total replica of the physical hospital.

Medical Tourism In The UAE 

The Thumbay Group provides care for various patients with VR and AR metaverse technology. These patients include those who have had surgery for six months or are currently paralyzed. 

The virtual hospital also strives to assist individuals in other ways—for example, disabled individuals.

“The hospital is providing patients with VR and AR headsets so they can visit their houses,” said Thumbay. 

Through VR and AR technologies, patients can virtually visit their accommodation. This inspires them in long-term care and offers hope that they can return home.

The First Medical Hospital In The Metaverse 

Last January, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection inaugurated the first customer service centre. The centre, which was launched in Dubai, makes use of metaverse technologies.

Additionally, this facility easily accommodates clients’ needs in 3D environments. It offers them a sensory experience that is participatory and fully immersed in digital technology.

Regarding the workforce, the country’s healthcare system has contracted a firm. The firm will help instruct its physicians on virtual interactions with patients. Patients can log into MetaHealth right away and chat with a live agent.

The Thumbay Facility To Use AI

Thumbay stated that the hospital had not yet chosen payment. However, it would be consistent with the cost of teleconsultation imposed by the healthcare company. 

Also, Thumbay Group’s VP explained that the hospital incorporates AI into the healthcare system. Here, the cameras would recognize two things as the patient drives into the hospital. 

First, it will recognize the patient’s car plate number. Afterwards, it will look at the face of the patient. When the patient gets to the reception, their file is already awaiting them.

Also, the technology will capture their face if they visit the pharmacist. Then, it will notify the pharmacist that the patient has arrived to take their medicine.

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