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Proof of Merge NFTs to Transform in Your Wallet during the Ethereum Merge

Sep 15, 2022

You can now prove that you were into crypto before the Ethereum merge with a ‘Proof of Merge’ NFT. It has been made possible by developers at Andreessen Horowitz, a Web3 company. The Proof of Merge NFT features metadata that magically evolves as the Ethereum merge happens.

How Will Proof of Merge NFTs Transform?

Michael Blau and Mason Hall, working together at A16Z company, developed a black and white Proof of Merge NFT, which passes through 3 phases automatically prompted by its smart contract. Zach, a software developer, designed the front end of the project.

The Proof of Merge NFT’s first phase will display before the merge, showing two separate circles. The second phase will show the two circles partly merged, while the third phase displays the circles fully Merged to indicate the long-anticipated Ethereum merge is now complete.

On his Twitter handle, Blau tweeted that Proof of Merge is a side project that he hacked together with Mason over the last weekend. Its reception has been quite good. At the time of writing, nearly nine thousand unique crypto wallet addresses have already minted a free Proof of Merge NFT, which can be, claimed before the Ethereum merge is complete.

What You Should Know About Proof of Merge NFT Ownership

The Proof of Merge NFT ownership is non-transferable. Therefore, any attempt to transfer the NFT will fail, and still, the sender will incur the Ethereum gas fee. Also, it means that Proof of Merge NFT serves as Proof of Attendance NFT since only the wallets that minted them before the merge can hold them.

The Smart contract running the Proof of Merge NFT can tell the exact time when the merge happens, thus, triggering the NFT to transform into its third phase. Mr. Hall explained that the only way to determine if the merge occurred on the blockchain is by; measuring the block difficulty.

The block difficulty represents the difficulty level in mining a block on the ETH Proof of Work. Note that the block difficulty value will be zero after the merge. At the time of publishing, the current Ethereum hash rate indicates that the merge could happen in under 12 hours.

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