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Price Analysis of YFFII Finance (YFFII) and Covid Cutter (CVC)

Mar 17, 2022

Time to look at the high performances demonstrated by YFFII Finance (YFFII) and Covid Cutter (CVC) in the past 24-hours, and see where they would be in the future.

YFFII Finance Pushed up by 190.39%

On March 9, the value of YFFII Finance was at a low price of $0.02315 per YFFII. The bears continued keeping YFFII Finance below the $0.03000 per YFFII mark. The bulls did try on several occasions to push the price of YFFI Finance over the particular benchmark but with no luck.

Till yesterday, the bears kept up with their high-selling spree but the bulls were also getting ready to show their true potential. This is when the bulls launched their counter against the bears and put together a strong rally.

The bulls went for high gains and this led to a 190.39% rally, which subsequently pushed the value of the YFFII/USDT pair to $0.05713 per YFFII.

The data shows that the bulls have been steering all technical factors into their favor for the past 24-hours. They haven’t stopped investing heavily in YFFI Finance, which has pushed YFFII Finance’s trading volume by 299.02%.

If the bulls keep up with their buying spree and the trading volume keeps surging, so will the value of YFFII Finance. If the bulls succeed in pushing YFFII Finance into the resistance path, then their first target would be $0.1115 per YFFII.

As the bulls keep acquiring more YFFII Finance, the value and demand may keep surging as well. In the upcoming days, the bulls may attempt to push YFFII Finance to $0.1646 per YFFII.

If more investors keep rallying in favor of the uptrend, the price of YFFII Finance may grow up to $0.2037 per YFFII.

Covid Cutter Pushed up by 231.63%

Then comes Covid Cutter has observed a rally much higher than YFFII Finance. On March 9, the value of Covid Cutter stood at $0.00002814 per and the bears tried hard to keep it that way.

However, the bulls were not ready to let the bears run things their way, and they launched a 231.63% rally. As a result of the rally, the value of Covid Cutter has been pushed up to $0.0001854 per CVC.

So far, the bulls have managed to push the trading volume for Covid Cutter by 23258.21%, elevating the volume to $92,406.

If the bulls keep up with their buying spree and the rallies remain persistent, the value of Covid Cutter may grow up to $0.0003763 per CVC.

The bears may continue with their selling aggression, but if the bulls remain stubborn, they may elevate Covid Cutter’s value to $0.0005700 per CVC. Going forward, the value of Covid Cutter may grow up to a major resistance mark ($0.0007168 per CVC).

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