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Price Analysis of OVermoon (OVM) and FaithfulDoge (FDoge)

Mar 18, 2022

If you are thinking there are no new cryptocurrencies with high-performance demonstrations in the past 24-hours, then you are highly underestimating the crypto sector. In the past 24-hours, several new cryptocurrencies have made it to the front board and they are exhibiting really high gains.

The list has recently inducted two names; Overmoon (OVM) and FaithfulDoge (FDoge) which have clearly won the competition being the top-performing cryptocurrencies. At the moment, several on-chain crypto-analysis firms are monitoring the market performance of these cryptocurrencies. Therefore, they have shared their analysis data on the couple to predict their future prices.

Overmoom Aims for Higher Gains

The bulls have grown very active in the past 24-hours, supporting the upward growth of Overmoon. They have rallied on a large scale, forming a 187.25% rally, bringing the trading price of the OVM/USDT pair up to $0.000000002298 per OVM.

The analytical firms have revealed that with time, the confidence level of the investors may continue rising. They may start siding with the bulls as it would start making more sense to them to follow the uptrend than go after the downtrend.

If things go as planned, then the value of Overmoon may rise up to the resistance channels. The first resistance mark that the bulls may attempt to hit would be $0.000000004449 per OVM.

As the bulls keep building more buying power, the value of Overmoon may continue surging, and soon, it may cross the second resistance mark ($0.000000006532 per OVM).

If the bulls keep going for higher gains and the investors also continue accompanying them, the value of Overmoon may surge to $0.000000008086 per OVM.

FaithfulDoge Remains Faithful to Bulls

FaithfulDoge price is also flying in the air and it is all thanks to the positive sentiments of the investors who have rallied in favor of the bulls. In the past 24-hours, the bulls and the investors have mustered enough strength that the rally of FaithfulDoge has only gotten stronger.

At the moment, the recorded rate for FaithfulDoge in the past 24-hours is 178.06% and it may continue rising if the bulls do not lose their strength. At the time of writing, the trading value of the FDoge/USDT pair is worth $0.0000000004011.

The analysis of FaithfulDoge shows that in the upcoming days, the bulls may continue increasing their buying power. This would result in pushing the buying power of FaithfulDoge up to the first resistance mark ($0.000000001186).

With more investors joining the bulls with their strong buying activity, the value of FaithfulDoge may grow up to the second resistance mark ($0.000000002348).

The bears may impose a great amount of resistance against the bulls before FaithfulDoge crosses the $0.000000003000 mark. However, if the bulls break through their defenses, the price of FaithfulDoge may elevate significantly and may rise to $0.000000003498.

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