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Price Analysis of Props Token (PROPS) and SEKUYA (SKUY)

Mar 16, 2022

Props Token (PROPS) and SEKUYA (SKUY) are currently among the high performers as they have demonstrated high gains in the past 24-hours. The investors have been pushing against the selling pressure of the bears, and they are providing full support to the bulls.

If the investors keep attempting the same, then both cryptocurrencies may jump to higher values in the upcoming days. Let us run an analysis on these cryptocurrencies to see exactly where they currently stand, and where their values may rise to.

Props Token (PROPS)

Props Token is currently moving on the high road and it is all thanks to the bulls that have rallied in the past 24-hours. The bulls have started taking the matter into their own hands, as they are currently supporting the investors’ increased demand for Props Token.

At the beginning of the second week of March, the value of Props Token was at $0.004431 per PROPS. Despite all the efforts, the bulls kept getting pushed down by the bears as they continued selling Props Token on a high scale.

Whenever the bulls tried launching a strong rally, the bears started selling Props Token to bring its value lower. This made a loop and continued for an entire week. This is when the bulls started coming up with higher purchases for Props Token in the past 24-hours.

This resulted in the bulls forming a powerful and consistent (96.97%) rally, pushing Props Token to $0.008962 per PROPS. In the upcoming days, if the bulls keep pulling the trend in their favor, the price of Props Token may get pushed up to $0.01130 per PROPS.

As the value of Props Token keeps traveling higher on the resistance stream, the bears may try and increase their selling power to counter the bulls.

However, if the bulls manage to bring the defenses of the bears lower, the price of Props Token may surge to $0.01653 per PROPS. As the momentum continues building, more investors may continue aligning in favor of the bulls, pushing Props Token to $0.02054 per PROPS.


The SEKUYA bulls are also in high confidence as they have increased their buying potential in the past 24-hours. So far, the bulls have achieved a 114.88% rally in the past 24-hours, and they have elevated their value to $0.000004512 per SKUY.

At the moment, the investors are leaning towards the positive territory, which means their sentiments are positive. In near future, the bulls may take benefit of the support from the investors and push SEKUYA to higher levels.

The bulls may try and push the price of SEKUYA to the first strong resistance mark of $0.000007103 per SKUY. The bulls may continue buying SEKUYA at a higher level, which would push the value of SEKUYA to a high resistance mark ($0.000009143).

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