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Price Analysis of Xtremcoin (XTR) and Alpha Nodes ($ALPHA)

Feb 28, 2022

Xtremcoin (XTR) bulls have finally managed to bring its price to a point where the investors have started investing in it for higher gains. The Xtremcoin bulls have finally come through and they have achieved a higher value for Xtremcoin.

At the time of publication, Xtremcoin stands at a unit value of $1.43 per XTR, and the trading volume for Xtremcoin stands at $89,344. The trading price of Xtremcoin has surged by 77.98% while the trading volume has surged by 4.88% in the past 24-hours.

The situation for Xtremcoin is constantly moving to a better side for the bulls as they have the opportunity of increasing their buying power. This is mainly because of the RSI and the moving averages backing up the bulls, helping it acquire more elevation in the process.

Although the bears may try creating dips for Xtremcoin, the bulls have bought them all, showing their high support for Xtremcoin. If the support continues growing higher, then the price of Xtremcoin may grow up to $1.74 per XTR.

Once Xtremcoin hits the first strong resistance mark, the bulls will gain more confidence in pushing Xtremcoin’s value higher. At the moment, the candlestick pattern is showing a long tail, which means that the investors would keep buying Xtremcoin if they see any dips.

Therefore, there is no stopping the bullish trend of Xtremcoin for now. The price of Xtremcoin may continue to grow higher if the investors keep rallying in favor of the bulls. The price of Xtremcoin may soon hit its second resistance at $2.04 per XTR if the bulls keep going for more gains.

As the power increases from the bulls’ end, its price may grow up to the third resistance zone, which is $2.40 per XTR.

It is to be kept in mind that despite the bullish trend for Xtremcoin, there are investors that also have bearish sentiments. This means that they would want to push Xtremcoin’s price lower in near future. Their target would be to intensify the selling activity while aiding the bears.  This would result in pushing the price of Xtremcoin down to $0.8881 per XTR.

Alpha Nodes ($ALPHA) is also moving on a higher scale as the bulls have pushed its price by 77.18% in the past 24-hours. At the time of writing, Alpha Nodes’ value is up to $0.000000004132 per $ALPHA.

As the oscillators and the moving averages are leaning in the positive zone, the price of Alpha Nodes is expected to rise significantly. If the bulls keep on adding more power to the cause, Alpha Nodes may rise to $0.000000005726 per $ALPHA.

The bulls may go for another buying spree, surging the rally rate, and pushing Alpha Nodes’ price to $0.000000006831 per $ALPHA.

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