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Price Analysis of Moon Light Night (MLNT) and Kollect (KOL)

Mar 1, 2022

The investors have been pouring in huge investments in favor of Moon Light Night (MLNT), to launch a significant rally. On February 28, the value of Moon Light Night was hovering over $0.021 per MLNT. However, the bulls have achieved a huge formation, bringing the investors together, and formed a huge 137.32% rally in the past 24-hours. The rally has helped push the value of Moon Light Night to its current value of $0.04984 per MLNT.

MLNT May Rise to $0.1516

As time progresses, the investors may continue increasing their buying power to support the bullish trend. This may cause the value of Moon Light Night to elevate to $0.08406 per MLNT. From the looks of it, the bulls may be eager to shoot for higher benchmarks for Moon Light Night in the upcoming days.

In order to achieve a higher price for Moon Light Night, the bulls may continue accumulating more MLNT to push it up to $0.08406 per MLNT.

The bulls may continue investing more money to push Moon Light Night’s price to the second resistance mark of $0.1129 per MLNT.

Once the bulls succeed in triggering a strong rally, the price of Moon Light Night may rise to $0.1516 per MLNT.

MLNT May Dip to $0.03229

As for the negative sentiments, if the bulls find the bears stronger and eager to push MLNT higher, they may not make many investments. This may provide bears with the opportunity of pushing the price of Moon Light Night deeper. The constant pressure from the bears may push the price of Moon Light Night to a low figure of $0.03987 per MLNT.

The bears may then go for another major selling of Moon Light Night, which may result in pushing the price of Moon Light Night even lower to $0.03588. If the bears are able to move the RSI in the negative zone, and the ratio of bears versus the bulls increases, then Moon Light Night may plummet to $0.03229 per MLNT.

Kollect (KOL) is also Shining

According to the analysis report, Kollect (KOL) has also gained a lot of popularity for being a high-performing cryptocurrency in the past 24-hours. The value of Kollect has surged by 116.96%, and the rally has pushed Kollect to a high value of $0.1050 per KOL.

The Kollect bulls are also eager to see the value of KOL grow significantly. This is the reason why they may increase the buying power for Kollect to push its value up to $0.1664 per KOL.

If things work out the way they are expected by the bulls, then Kollect may observe another major surge, soaring its price to $0.2150 per KOL.

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