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Price Analysis of Ticket Finance, Medusa, and Odin Platform

Apr 29, 2022

Let us go through the price analysis of Ticket Finance, Medusa, and Odin Platform, and see how they have performed in a 24-hour window. The cryptocurrencies have recorded 122.97%, 104.32%, and 96.90% rallies in the past 24-hours. Following the strong rallies Ticket Finance, Medusa, and Odin Platform have recorded, it is important to look at their performance in the upcoming days.

Ticket Finance Experienced a 122.97% Rally

The price of Ticket Finance (TICKET) hovered at a low of $0.001112 per TICKET before the bulls had even formed a rally. The price of Ticket Finance continued experiencing a low price until the bulls rallied in favor of Ticket Finance.

The bulls were able to push the price of Ticket Finance by 122.97%, which resulted in pushing its value all the way up to a high of $0.002568 per TICKET.

The rally for Ticket Finance is still growing stronger as the bulls are sustaining constant pressure coming from the bears with strong buying sentiments.

The investors have even managed to increase the trading volume for Ticket Finance by 735.66%. At present, the fully diluted valuation for Ticket Finance is also moving in the bullish zone. The valuation being recorded for Ticket Finance at the moment is worth $20,643,168.

From the looks of it, the momentum for Ticket Finance is growing at a high rate. If the momentum keeps growing at a fast pace, then the trading price for Ticket Finance may surge to $0.004563 per TICKET.

Medusa Experienced a 104.32% Rally

Medusa is also a strong runner when it comes to running on the bullish track. So far, Medusa has recorded a 104.32% surge in its value, bringing its trading value up to its current price of $0.8834 per MEDUSA.

The trading volume for Medusa may not be growing at a high rate as TICKET but it has grown up by 98.90% in the past 24-hours. If the investors keep going for higher gains for Medusa, then its price may soon hit a high of $1.15 per MEDUSA.

Odin Platform Experienced a 96.90% Rally

Odin Platform investors are also showing strong support in its favor. They have been fighting very strongly against the bears and so far, they have formed a 96.90% rally.

Due to the rally, the trading price of Odin Platform has been pushed up to $0.0006146 per ODN. If the rally continues, the price of Odin Platform may continue rising.

In the upcoming days, the trading price of Odin Platform may surge to a high of $0.002693 per ODN. This would only be achievable if the investors keep acquiring Odin Platform at a high rate. By acquiring as many Odin Platforms as possible, the bulls may succeed in pushing to a high of $0.003544 per ODN.

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