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Price Analysis of Wicrypt (WNT), Ruyi (RUYI), and Mafagafo (MAFA)

Apr 30, 2022
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Wicrypt (WNT) – 113.50% Price Surge

The price analysis data surrounding Wicrypt has revealed that its price has experienced a 113.50% elevation in the past 24-hours. The bulls have started rallying in support of Wicrypt and they are still in very high spirits. The report suggests that the investors may continue exerting high buying pressure over the bears to constantly knock them out of the competition.

So far, the bulls have succeeded in pushing the trading price of Wicrypt from a low of $0.1115 per WNT to a high of $0.2314 per WNT.

Even now, the buying power of the investors continues to rise, which is reflected through the constant surge (176.21% at present) being recorded in Wicrypt’s trading volume.

The data suggests that the investors may keep at it and in the long run, the price of Wicrypt may shoot up to high trading levels. From this point onwards, the first elevation that Wicrypt may witness would be $0.3255 per WNT.

Going forward, the trading price of Wicrypt may experience another major push due to the RSI and the moving averages growing more bullish. The next high price that Wicrypt may witness in the upcoming days would be $0.3898 per WNT.

Ruyi (RUYI) – 113.26% Price Surge

Ruyi is also moving right behind Wicrypt when it comes to experiencing a high rally. The price of Ruyi reportedly traded at a low of $0.001055 per RUYI, which was a strong selling demonstration from the bears.

They kept the price of Ruyi in order to bring its price even lower whenever the situation looked more favorable for them. However, the bulls were not ready to let the price of Ruyi fall any lower. Therefore, they launched a strong buying spree, which pushed the price of Ruyi to a high of $0.002212 per RUYI.

Even at present, the buying power of the investors continues to grow in favor of Ruyi. If the momentum keeps growing stronger, then the price of Ruyi may grow up to a high of $0.003845 per RUYI.

Mafagafo (MAFA) – 110.86% Price Surge

Mafagafo has also boarded the same bullish ship as Wicrypt and Ruyi, as it has also experienced a great rally in the past 24-hours. In the past 24-hours, a 110.86% elevation has been recorded in the price of Mafagafo, which has pushed it up to $0.04189 per MAFA.

Prior to the rally, the trading price of Mafagafo was at a low of $0.02072 per MAFA. However, Mafagafo is now trading at a high price, and it may continue rising in the upcoming days.

As the momentum continues to grow in favor of Mafagafo, its price may rise to a high of $0.06898 per MAFA.

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