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Price Analysis of Aurora Finance (AURA), Duckie Land (MMETA), and Dynamic Set Dollar (DSD)

Apr 28, 2022

Aurora Finance (AURA)

Aurora Finance reportedly exhibited a low trading price of $0.1276 per AURA before the bulls rallied in its favor. The sellers had succeeded in running the bearish trend for an ample amount of time. However, the bulls were finally able to bring the situation under their control and they were able to form a 108.40% rally to make it happen.

Due to the recent push, the trading price for Aurora Finance has reached a high of $0.1666 per AURA. The continuous purchasing of Aurora Finance by the bulls in the past 24-hours has also pushed its trading volume by 14.48%.

The price analysis for Aurora Finance suggests that if the sentiments of the investors keep growing more bullish, then the growth factors may favor the same trend.

This would suggest that the price of Aurora Finance may continue elevating and the first high price it may reach would be $0.3133 per AURA.

Over time, the investors may continue exerting higher pressure on the bears and kick them out of the competition. If that happens, then the price of Aurora Finance may grow up to a high of $0.3924 per AURA.

Duckie Land (MMETA)

Duckie Land investors have given birth to a strong and long-term running trend in favor of Duckie Land’s upward movement. The analysis data for Duckie Land suggests that its price recorded a 97.92% elevation in the past 24-hours.

Due to the strong surge, the trading value of the MMETA/USDT pair ended up growing up to $0.4256 per MMETA. So far, the trading volume for Duckie Land has been pushed up by 124.03%, by the bulls in the past 24-hours.

As the purchasing power of the investors keeps growing, then the price of Duckie Land may grow up to a high of $0.7814 per MMETA.

With the RSI and the moving averages of Duckie Land moving into the bullish zone, the investors may gain more purchasing confidence. This would eventually push the price of Duckie Land to a high of $1.02 per MMETA.

Dynamic Set Dollar (DSD)

Dynamic Set Dollar investors witnessed a great pull in the price of Dynamic Set Dollar a day back, bringing its price down to $0.004682 per DSD. However, the bulls were not ready to let the bearish trend run any longer. This is the reason why they launched a counter against the bears.

They continue pushing the price of Dynamic Set Dollar higher and successfully formed a 94.62% rally. As a result, the trading price of Dynamic Set Dollar has now grown up to $0.009129 per DSD. This is a huge target that the bulls have reached so far.

Going forward, the bulls may continue adding more value to the bullish trend, which may push its price to a high of $0.01336 per DSD.

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