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Price Analysis of MINE Network (MNET), Heal The World (HEAL), and EQO (EQO)

Mar 19, 2022
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MINE Network (MNET) Price May Hit $0.02152

MINE Network is finally among the lucky cryptocurrencies that have observed high gains in the past 24-hours. The value of MINE Network was reportedly hovering at a low price of $0.011 per MNET, and bears tried their best to keep it there.

However, the bulls were not ready to let the bears run the trend for MINE Network. Therefore, they proceeded with a high buying spree of MINE Network in the past 24-hours that has pushed its value higher.

The data shows that in the past 24-hours, the value of MINE Network has elevated by 46.26%. Due to the rise, the value of MINE Network has moved up to $0.01481 per MNET.

In near future, if the bulls keep adding more MINE Network to their wallets, MINE Network’s value may surge to $0.01823 per MNET.

As the rally continues gaining more power, more neutral investors would continue moving to their side. This would push the value of MINE Network to a higher mark of $0.02034 per MNET, and then all the way up to $0.02152 per MNET.

Heal The World (HEAL) Price May Hit $0.000004953

Heal The World has finally increased the gains of the investors as a result of a huge rally in the past 24-hours. The bulls have rallied in support of Heal The World, forming a 42.77% rally, bringing the unit price of MINE Network up to $0.000003499 per HEAL.

The price analysis for Heal The World suggests that if the bulls keep going for higher gains, the value of Heal The World may continue growing. With such sentiments and strong acquisition efforts, the first mark the bulls may hit would be $0.000004247 per HEAL.

The second resistance mark that the bulls may try to hit with their strong acquisition power would be $0.000004701. Going forward, the bulls may hit another strong rally, which would subsequently push its price all the way up to $0.000004953 per HEAL.

EQO (EQO) Price May Hit $0.3954

EQO is also experiencing a high trend in terms of its value as the bulls have rallied in its favor in the past 24-hours. The buyers have increased their buying power in the past 24-hours, which has formed a 40.93% rally. At the time of writing, the value of EQO is at $0.3049 and it is expected to grow higher as the trend continues.

The bulls may continue buying EQO for higher gains and the price of EQO may continue getting pushed higher. In the upcoming days, the value of EQO may hit the first resistance mark ($0.3527).

The bulls may try and increase their acquisition power in near future, which would elevate its price to $0.3805 per EQO. If the bulls succeed in breaking the defenses of the bears, then the value of EQO may surge to $0.3954 per EQO.

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