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Price Analysis of AmazingDoge (ADOGE) and CrazyMiner (PWR)

Mar 7, 2022

The cryptocurrency list has brought several high performers to the front page and among them are AmazingDoge (ADOGE) and CrazyMiner (PWR). These cryptocurrencies have proven to be high pacers in the past 24-hours as their growth rates have been magnificent.

With their prices growing, the analysts have made high predictions about the market prices of AmazingDoge and CrazyMiner in near future. Let us take a look at their price predictions and see where these cryptocurrencies may last in the next few days.

AmazingDoge (ADOGE) Grows by 90.56%

AmazingDoge is proving to be quite a profitable cryptocurrency for investors as it has grown high in value in the past 24-hours. In the particular time, the value of AmazingDoge has reached $0.000003711 per ADOGE. AmazingDoge has reached this point after observing a 90.56% rally, which may continue at a lower level if the investors remain motivated.

So far, the increased demand for AmazingDoge has elevated the trading volume for the digital asset by 51.59%. The fully diluted valuation for AmazingDoge has also been elevated at the same rate.

After the 24-hour surge, the investors are keener and they are motivated to keep buying AmazingDoge. These sentiments would help grow the price of AmazingDoge to a higher figure.

With more buying power coming in favor of AmazingDoge, the value of AmazingDoge may grow up to $0.000005391 per ADOGE. From time to time, the bears may try making a comeback with strong selling power. However, the bulls may continue driving them away with stronger buying power.

Such demonstration from the side of the bulls may lead to AmazingDoge hitting another high value of $0.000006611 per ADOGE.

From there, it may become an easy ride for the bulls until they come close to the major resistance mark for AmazingDoge. As of now, the major resistance benchmark for AmazingDoge is $0.000008108 per ADOGE. If the bulls are able to take the bears on with more force, then AmazingDoge may grow up to $0.000008108 per ADOGE.

CrazyMiner (PWR) Grows by 84.90%

CrazyMiner (PWR) bulls have also demonstrated high buying power in the past 24-hours, as they have successfully formed an 84.90% rally. Through the rally, the value of CrazyMiner has increased significantly and it is currently hovering over $0.0009371.

If the bulls keep pushing with high buying force, then the value of CrazyMiner may continue growing higher. As the pressure keeps building from the side of the bulls over the bears, they may start withdrawing. This would provide the bulls with an opportunity to push CrazyMiner’s value to a higher mark.

In near future, the price of CrazyMiner may grow up to $0.001334 per PWR. If the bulls keep defeating the bears against their selling power, then the price of CrazyMiner may grow up to $0.001618 and then to $0.001961.

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