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Price Analysis of CoTrader (COT) and FLEX (FLEX)

Mar 8, 2022

CoTrader (COT) and FLEX (FLEX) have recently popped up in the analysis radar of CoinMarketCap among the top-performing digital assets. If you are interested to know about CoTrader and FLEX, then keep going through the analysis to gain more information about their future prices.

CoTrader Grows by 62.82% in the past 24hrs

CoTrader (COT) has caught an immense amount of attention, as it has grown tremendously in the past 24-hours. The bulls have formed a prevailing (62.82%) rally that has resulted in elevating CoTrader from a low value to a higher one.

On March 1, CoTrader’s value was at a low of $0.00002822 per COT. At the time of writing, the value of CoTrader is $0.00004892, which is a huge push for the digital asset.

The elevation in CoTrader’s value is a demonstration by the bulls who are currently driving the investors to their side. With more investors coming to the aid of the bulls, the buying power is constantly growing larger. This would eventually result in giving the price of CoTrader a great push, bringing it up to $0.00006428 per COT.

As the RSI moves into the positive territory, it would eventually pull the moving averages to its side as well. This would help CoTrader grow up to its second resistance mark of $0.00007438 per COT. With the sentiments growing more bullish, the buyers may be intensifying their efforts to push CoTrader to $0.0008607.

FLEX Grows by 61.48% in the past 24hrs

FLEX (FLEX) also seems to be running the show as it has the spotlight after delivering high performance. The digital asset has gained a lot of value after observing a 61.48% rally in a 24h time period.

FLEX entered the month of March with a trading value of $3.91 per FLEX. At that time, the bulls were trying to push FLEX over the $4 benchmark, but the bears were not going to let it happen.

The bears demonstrated their power just as FLEX hit the $4 per FLEX mark, by launching a strong selling attack. The attack resulted in pushing the bulls back, which resulted in a huge dip, bringing FLEX down to $2.46 per FLEX.

Once the dip was created, the bears tried hard in an attempt to push FLEX deeper. However, the bulls have regained their position in the FLEX market as they countered them with an even higher push.

As a result, the bulls pushed FLEX back to its current value ($3.98 per FLEX). This time, the bulls are in much higher spirits than they were prior to the dip. This means that the bears may not be able to obstruct the bulls at $4 and they may soon achieve a unit price of $4.6.

Going forward, the bulls may intensify their buying ability to push FLEX to $4.96, and their top resistance target would be $5.22 per FLEX.

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