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Pibexa Detailed Review: One Of The Best Platforms for Beginners to Gain Trading Experience

Apr 12, 2020

Pibexa Review

We are living in a world where each and every second count and everyone seems to be in a hurry to earn money. To get in line with today’s fast-paced world, divert yourself towards trading immediately. By placing your hands at trading, you can augment your income and can become rich in a quick way. The problem that does not let most of the people move towards trading is their lack of experience in trading.

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For these people, there is a solution in the form of the Pibexa trading platform. It is a platform where traders especially beginners can earn trading experience and can become professionals under the guidance of Pibexa’s professional trainers and professional staff. So here is a full and detailed review of Pibexa to explore this trading platform further.

A Closer Look at Pibexa

Tagged as today’s leading Forex trading platform, Pibexa is a top global brokerage company servicing the financial industry with headquarters in London. It is a web-based simple trading platform that offers you CFDs trading with diverse products. As Forex is the need of today’s world, Pibexa has developed its platform accordingly focusing on the key factors such as security, features, user-friendliness, tools, and education.

You can imagine the excellence of Pibexa in the fact that this brokerage company is committed to giving traders with endless possibilities and a best-in-class trading platform that can be used worldwide by both private and institutional investors. The utmost important thing in the world of CFDs trading that leads you to success is to have smooth trading experience. Pibexa has developed and designed its trading platform in a way that users can get an excellent and user-friendly trading experience.

It is the vision of Pibexa to give you the safest, most convenient, and all-around best trading experience as the company has clearly explained its vision in the following words:

“The PIBEXA vision is to give you, the trader, the safest, most convenient, and all-around best trading experience ever. Our pricing and execution modules ensure the use of the most updated and advanced technologies. Through our partnership with feeds provider, Reuters, we receive live and accurate data streams, and our terms and conditions clearly state the difference between real-time market price and option prices. We provide expiry graphs for any given moment, to ensure trader confidence so there are never any questions on the trader’s end.”

For the safety and protection of your funds, Pibexa has developed segregated accounts to hold your funds hence they remain safe and secure there. Your store funds are never used for any cause except for trading options. Pibexa’s professional team takes care of liabilities and exposures skillfully.

An extensive and diverse list of CFD products is available on the Pibexa’s exceptional trading platform. You are given an open choice to pick from these products and diversify your portfolio.

Making clients its priority, Pibexa keeps them alert with the latest financial event, top trades, popular trends, daily market news, and fresh market reviews to help them achieve success in trading.

A Series of trading tools and features

Pibexa through its modern technology-powered trading platform bombards its clients with a series of top and high-class trading tools and features that guarantee success. With profound trading tools, to get success in trading becomes easy. The wide range of trading tools available on the trading platform of Pibexa is intuitive and easily accessible. Pibexa provides you with transparent market dynamics and information.

The quality of Pibexa’s presented trading tools is that you can use them to discover on your own all the secrets of technical analysis. In the presence of these amazing trading tools and features, the high-speed execution of trades is surely possible. These success-assuring trading tools are the best way to get a hold over the CFDs market.

Innovative and Modern Trading Platform

There is no doubt that Pibexa’s trading platform is innovative and modern powered by the most up-to-date technology. This user-friendly and intuitive trading platform allows you to trade from all around the whole globe. It does not compel you for any necessary downloading or installation process rather it is a simple platform with a simple easy-to-navigate interface. This powerful trading platform has the capability of turning all of the possibilities into reality.

Pibexa’s web-based and award-winning trading platform is designed to give you a soothing trading experience and makes you a professional trader in the CFDs trading. On this modern trading platform, you are welcome to make use of the most updated and advanced technologies. You also enjoy the facility of live and accurate data streams. This effective and powerful trading platform of Pibexa boosts your confidence in forex or CFD trading.

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Pibexa’s Education and Training Center

In-depth insight into the process of trading is the key to success in any kind of trading. Pibexa has a specific education and training center which is developed especially for its clients’ assistance.  Pibexa’s clients especially beginners who do not usually possess trading experience can seek guidance and training through its education center. Through Pibexa’s well-established education center, you can learn about the basics of trading, you can discover about CFDs, and you can make advanced trading strategies in the case of CFDs trading.

Its training center allows you to have full access to training tools and educational material such as video archives. Pibexa has a team of professional trainers who conduct online seminars to which you can get unlimited access. Its educational material gives you a detailed insight into trading. In addition to this, you can also seek the assistance from Pibexa’s professional trainers on each stage because it is the utmost priority of Pibexa to guide you on each and every step that comes in your way.

Pibexa Mobile Trading App

If you have to trade cryptocurrency and CFDs in today’s fast-growing world, you need to have immediate access to markets and market dynamics because if you do not have quick access to markets then you will surely lose trading opportunities with each passing second of the day. Therefore, Pibexa has built a mobile crypto trading app through which you can get full access to markets.

Besides this, the mobile trading app of Pibexa helps you trade anytime, anywhere either you are sitting at your home or working in your office. With the availability of Pibexa’s mobile trading app, you are not bound to any single place and feel free to trade wherever you want to trade.

4 different Account Types

As the circle of Pibexa’s attention revolves around its clients, it has added another amazing facility to its list of services and features. Pibexa offers its clients with four different kinds of accounts. Each account presented on the trading platform is filled with specific features. In the presence of these four account types, you can find the best plan by choosing an account type that matches your capabilities, needs, and requirements. If you open a trading account, you will be granted market reviews, a personal account manager, a mobile app, a team of professional or expert traders, and 24/7 customer support.

So here are these four types of account:

1 – Silver Account

The first and basic kind of trading account type is the Silver account which is basically available for beginners. It is an ideal account type for the beginners to commence their trading journey with and earn a little bit of trading experience before going for the higher trading type. However, beginner traders must have a minimum depositing amount of $250 to get access to this trading account. If they do not possess the specified minimum amount then they won’t be able to reach out to this account. They can also deposit a higher amount of $999 if they wish to do so.  As it is the basic kind of trading account, therefore, it only contains limited features and services such as e-book and academy access.

2 – Gold Account

Moving ahead, the second account type available on the Pibexa trading platform is the Gold account. This account type is for those who have the capability of paying more than $1000 which is the least amount to open this account. If you possess this amount, then you are welcome on this trading account type otherwise the basic account is the best option for you. The lovers of this account type can increase their funding amount as high to $4999. However, they cannot exceed this specified maximum limit.

The users who choose to go with this trading account type get an additional feature of dedicated account manager along with the facility of e-book and Academy access.

3 – Platinum Account

The Platinum account is the third account type present on the Pibexa trading platform. This account type is specifically for experienced and professional traders. $5000 is the minimum depositing money to open this account. However, if you desire to deposit more, you can go up to a high amount of $34999 but not more than that. As the depositing amount increases in this account type, therefore, more additional features get added to the account because the more you invest the more you get. The features included in this trading account type are:

  • Ebook
  • Academy Access
  • Trading Signals
  • Senior Account Manager
  • Expert Analyst trading sessions
  • Bonus up to 100% of the account balance
  • No withdrawal fee
  • Interest bearing account option for consolidation of profit

4 – Diamond Account

Now let’s move toward the last account type offered by Pibexa that is the Diamond Account. The users who pick this trading account are the luckiest ones because this account type is rich with high-quality features and services. This account type is usually available for the most experienced traders or for VIP traders. The Diamond account demands an extremely high depositing amount. To get this account, you are required to have a minimum balance of $35000 which only VIP traders can afford.

This type of account consists of all the trading features and services available on the Pibexa trading platform. There is not even a single feature that has not been added to this account type. Have a look at the kind of features does this trading account type include:

  • Full education package
  • Premium Contract Options
  • Senior Account Manager
  • Expert Analyst trading sessions
  • Bonus up to 100% of the account balance
  • International MasterCard issued for an easy debit of withdrawal
  • No withdrawal fee
  • Interest bearing account option for consolidation of profit

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Security and Privacy

Pibexa does not compromise on the safety and protection of its clients. To provide high-level security and privacy to the personal information and credentials of its clients is the foremost priority of Pibexa. It implements a series of standard security measures to make its trading platform fully secured for its traders. Moreover, clients’ funds are stored in a segregated account to keep them safe and secure. In short, Pibexa tries its level best to ensure the safety, security, and privacy of its clients.

Benefits of using the Pibexa platform

  • As a web-based trading platform, it does not ask you for any downloading process.
  • It is a simple, easy-to-use, and accessible trading platform.
  • The Pibexa trading platform is full of trading tools and trading features and services.
  • The Pibexa mobile trading app helps you to trade anywhere, anytime and gives quick access to markets.
  • Pibexa offers highly competitive trading fees that are rarely found on any other trading platform.
  • Pibexa provides you an excellent trader and user-friendly trading experience.
  • The trading platform is available worldwide for both private and institutional investors.
  • It offers you a vast range of diverse CFD trading products.
  • It ensures quick and easy deposits/withdrawals.
  • It builds up traders’ confidence and makes them professionals in CFDs trading.
  • It offers you the facility of professional brokers, professional trainers, and professional staff.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate purpose of Pibexa is to provide traders with effective trading experience. As CFDs has become more popular than ever with the passage of time, Pibexa has added more trading tools and features. The facility of a mobile trading app and user-friendly, web-based, and innovative trading platform makes Pibexa an exception in the world of crypto and CFD trading.

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