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RoyalCBank Review – Is Royal C Bank a Good Broker For Cryptocurrency CFD and Bitcoin Trading?

Apr 29, 2020

RoyalCBank Brokerage Review

It is a given that traders will choose brokers who have garnered a good reputation in the industry. While RoyalCBank is a relatively new platform in the market, it has gained a lot of popularity in the trading world and is becoming recognized for its educational programs and excellent service. Operating on a global scale, RoyalCBank is providing trading education to existing and potential traders in regard to cryptocurrency, forex, stock and other kinds of trading. The global financial markets can be accessed through a renowned web-trader, MetaTrader4. You can use it for trading forex, cryptocurrency, futures contracts, precious metals and equity indices.

Another major perk of using RoyalCBank is that it allows you to operate through smartphones, laptops, tablets as well as desktop computers. The software used on this platform is compatible with all these devices and their operating systems. You can also find a variety of accounts at your disposal when you wish to start trading, which include demo, Islamic, standard spread and ECN capabilities.

Everyone can make use of MetaTrader4 and other traditional platforms and enjoy a high leverage ratio. All traders can enjoy universal accounts that provide increased transparency and lower spreads and transaction fees. RoyalCBank also offers affiliate relations, which come with plenty of benefits. The latest 256-bit SSL technology is used for encrypting all the personal information of traders and there is excellent customer service is provided.

Let’s take a look at the unique features that traders can enjoy when they decide to use the RoyalCBank trading platform:

  • Variety of platforms available

The RoyalCBank team is committed to providing traders with the best so they have chosen to use the easy-to-use and admired MetaTrader4 product line. This line of product comprises of Meta Trader 4, Android Trader, MT4 multi-terminal, MT4 iPhone and iPad trader and MT4 Mac OS Trader. As long as you have access to an internet connection, you can use the RoyalCBank platform for trading regardless of what day or time it is. Institutional and professional traders who want high volume throughput can use ECN accounts for getting them at lower fees and tighter speeds. These accounts have been created especially for this purpose. There are additional options o trade that can be found with Mirror Trader.

  • Deposits and Withdrawals

All standard deposit methods are supported by RoyalCBank. These methods include bank wire transfers, credit cards as well as local payment providers. All these methods are completely reliable and make it easy for the platform to move clients’ funds. As far as withdrawal requests are concerned, they are also processed as soon as possible. If there is a delay, RoyalCBank makes certain that the client is promptly informed. However, the platform does request all traders to have their internationally mandated identity information in the form of soft-copy and also on file to speed up the transactions. It is recommended to do this before a request to be brokerage is submitted. All traders across the world need to follow this rule.

  • Extensive support for beginners

Another feature of Royal C Bank that stands out is their customer service department, which is made up of a sincere and dedicated team of employees. These people put in plenty of extra effort on a daily basis to ensure that the millions of traders out there have a wonderful experience. They have been given a number of awards, which exhibit the quality and credibility of the platform to traders who still are trying to make up their mind about it.

As RoyalCBank services are available globally, their team of customer service provides their support in numerous languages such as Chinese, English, Urdu and Arabic. Some of the modes of communication that can be used for contacting the customer service department include live chat, email and phone. These services can be accessed round the clock by all traders who decide to use the platform for their trading needs.

  • High leverage available

No matter what trading style you may have, RoyalCBank can cater to your needs as they offer both levels (1:100 and 1:200). Nonetheless, traders should bear in mind that these ratios can also lead to quick losses so you need to be sure and understand the risks that are involved and how to manage them.

  • Security

Privacy and security are also a priority at RoyalCBank and all information is outlined in the privacy policy on their website. Encryption systems and security measures are used by the platform in order to ensure that all interactions with the website are safe and secure. As every single transaction is performed under secure protocols, there is very little chance that someone else can trade from your account unless you hand over your username and password. Therefore, users should remember not to share their passwords with anyone, even if someone claims to be from RoyalCBank and asks you to do so.

When you decide to use RoyalCBank for your trading needs, you should keep it in mind that you have to be at least 18 in order to begin. In addition, you should also be aware of legal restrictions of the country of your residence so you don’t break any laws. Plus, there are risks involved and you should only start trading if you are ready to take them on. If you don’t have the skill and experience, here again Royal C Bank can help because it provides you with plenty of materials to help you learn.

At RoyalCBank , you will come across e-books, videos and webinars that are all aimed at helping people in enhancing their knowledge about trading. The more knowledge you gain, the better your chances are of learning how to trade thereby minimizing your risks. Thus, with Royal C Bank you can get the trading skills you desire and then use it or reaping profits in the long run.

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