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Xtrade.com.au Review: Assets Trade With a Difference

Apr 10, 2020

Xtrade.com.au Review

Assets refer to one or more groups of things that hold good value for the owner; a car, for example, is an asset for its owner, and the same goes for a house and money. The total amount of the summation of a man’s asset is how the net worth of such assets is determined.

Everyone lives intending to expand his or her assets; this is why even the wealthiest of people still work to get more. An asset sometimes loses value, and this value loss affects the worth of its owner; hence, every asset owner works hard to keep the value of their assets, or better still, increase it.

There are many classes of assets in the world – Financial assets (such as Dollars, Pounds, Euro, Yen, Bitcoin, and others), Real Estate assets (such as landed properties, estates, homes, office apartments, buildings, and more), and Agricultural assets (such as cocoa, timber, rubber, and more).

Financial assets are at the frontline of all the assets available in the world today, and these assets are units by which you get other assets. Investment opportunities accompany all the financial assets available today in the financial world.

Investment opportunities in the financial assets market cover, but are not limited to the following assets classes: Forex, Cryptocurrency, CFD (Contracts For Difference), Tokenized assets, Shares, Stocks, and Indices. The factors that determine the profitability or loss of a financial asset investment are numerous, and it takes a skilled investor to manage these factors to his or her advantage.

The financial assets market requires nothing short of these factors because of the volatility of the assets in that market. Financial assets are quite unstable, as their value depreciates and appreciates based on the trend of events in the world; and especially the environments where the assets are most substantial. Profiting from the financial assets market requires, among other factors, a well-informed investor, discipline, thorough education, technical knowledge.

An investment brokerage firm is one that helps investors make the best of their financial investments through platforms that they provide for investors. An investment brokerage platform is the first choice to make when an investor decides to invest in financial assets. A good investment brokerage platform makes the assets trade investment market an enjoyable one for its investors, but the choice of a broker could also be the doom of an investor.

 Anyone interested in investing in financial assets must do proper homework about a prospective investment brokerage platform before committing funds to such an exchange company.

XTrade is a formidable investment broker in the financial market, and you might want to consider its platform for the investment of your financial assets. Therefore, here is a review of the activities, services, and features of the XTrade brokerage firm.


Broker XTrade
Website www.XTrade.com.au
Trading accounts Demo account, and Real trading account – standard and premium.
Trading platforms Web-based trader, Mobile app (Android & iOS)
Assets coverage CFDs, Shares, Commodities, Forex (Major, Minor, and Exotic), Indices, Cryptos, ETFs, and Bonds
Deposits VISA card, MasterCard, Skrill, AstroPay, Neteller, Load, and Jeton.
Education and Training Yes: Video tutorials, courses, Glossary, and Blog.
Trader Tools CFDs, Trading, Opening positions, Closing positions, Leverage and Margin, Risk control order types, Risk management tools, Instrument types, et cetera.
Language Options 35 multiple language options – English language, Italian language, French language, Portuguese language, Danish language, German language, Spanish language, Hungarian language, Russian language, and others
Customer support 24 hours a day, and 5 days a week – live chat,

Email, and phone

Location Belize City, Belize
Regulations International financial services commission (IFSC) in Belize
Parent company Financial Arena Ltd (XTrade international Ltd)
Crypto products Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dash coin (DASH), Ripple (XRP), Neo, Zcash, Monero, and more
Deposit fees No
Withdrawal fees No
News and analysis Financial calendar, financial news, daily analysis video, and calculators
Minimum deposit $250
Mobile trading Yes

XTrade is an assets brokerage firm with offices in Belize and Johannesburg. The services provided by this award-winning platform cover CFD (Contract For Difference) on shares, forex, commodities, and indices. XTrade is one of the best available in the assets brokerage firm, and the company has numerous awards as evidence to back this claim up. The assets available for trading on the XTrade platform cover a wide range of assets, and these assets help the investor make the most of currently profitable assets in the trade market.

The XTrade platform provides its clients with numerous educational resources. These resources are to empower the customers for successful trading activities. The materials contained in the education platform of the XTrade assets investment broker are quite extensive as they touch on many aspects of the financial assets investment world.

XTrade offers around-the-clock support for its customers, and its platform is highly customer-centric. XTrade gives its customers a lot of trading tools with which it helps the investor make informed investment choices. The services of this broker are available on a web-based and mobile trading platform. There are thirty-five (35) language options available on the XTrade web platform; these languages cut across all major regions and sectors of the world.

In terms of security, the broker ensures the protection of the assets and funds of its customers by employing an encryption security protocol to safeguard the data of its customers. Furthermore, this broker is regulated by an international financial regulatory body, the international financial services commission. This aspect has ensured that it provides the best services to its clients around the world.

The customer service team of this broker is composed of well informed and courteous personnel. This support team helps the clients of the broker on any challenge they might encounter in the financial trading market. With 24 hours of support and several channels, traders and investors on the platform of this broker can rest assured of having their query or question resolved within minutes. Besides, the broker provides a frequently asked question (FAQ) section, where there are pre-answered questions and topics that clients can access to solve some of their financial questions.

This award-winning trading exchange company is licensed and authorized to offer CFD trading assets to its numerous clients across the globe. Therefore, clients of this broker have access to various forms of financial assets and products to trade and make huge profits. Also, the broker provides several trading tools and analysis that can help its clients make informed and calculated decagons in the financial market. This is to minimize loss and ensure that traders and investors have a pleasant trading experience while making a huge profit from their trades in the market.


Wide Financial Assets Database

The assets with which investors can trade on the XTrade platform is a selling point for the platform. XTrade assets cover almost all the financial assets available in the financial market today, assets such as CFDs (Contract For Difference), Indices, Commodities, Shares, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and Bonds.

This wide range of assets coverage puts the XTrade platform ahead of other investment brokers because traders on its platform have the option of choosing any of the asset classes available – trading with a dynamic mix of assets, or just focusing on a particular asset. The sky is just the starting point when it comes to trading assets on the XTrade platform; this is because you are empowered to make any trade of your choosing on the platform of the broker. Although the XTrade platform focuses more on the CFD aspect of financial assets investment, its platform attends to the need of numerous classes of investors and their assets, as this was put into consideration in its design.

The advantage covered by the availability of this wide range of assets is just countless; contained within each financial asset class are many profitable trade opportunities. Traders today make a fortune of the trading business with only one type of trade asset, so you can imagine what you can do with a platform that provides you with all major asset classes available in the market.

The CFD market alone has a unique pattern of trading that makes it possible for traders to profit both from the value increase as well as the loss of a currency against another depending on the investor’s trade choices. CFD makes it easy to make a profit when a currency loses value, as well as when it increases in value.

The volatility of financial assets is one of the reasons why commercial asset brokers diversify their assets. With a range of diversified assets, an investor can keep making profits when a particular asset is no longer profitable.

Investing in financial assets is excellent when you have a platform that lays the market at your feet for you to make your choice. XTrade gives you a considerable part of the financial assets market on a single platform, so you can be sure its platform has your investment needs already planned.

Account Trading Options

XTrade provides two trading account options for investors – the real trading account and the demo account.

Demo account: The first account option on the XTrade platform is the Demo account. This account is available and helpful to both newbies and professional traders. Amateur traders get familiarized with trading parameters and conditions, while professional traders can use the demo account to fine-tune their trading skills and try out new market techniques. The Demo account option is useful for beginners to familiarize themselves with the market and for expert traders who want to try something new out in the trading market.

The demo account is credited (by XTrade) with some units of virtual currency with which an investor can trade across all assets available on the XTrade platform. The trades performed using this account are called demo trades; a trader can use the profits from demo trades to execute more demo trades, and cannot be withdrawn. This account is quite resourceful for traders of all classes because the investor can use it to test their trade orders before actually performing them. The most significant advantage of this account is that it has no risk, and so it is especially suitable for newbie traders to get acquainted with the trading environment.

The second account option available on the XTrade platform is the real trading account. It is advisable to have traded and completed many successful trades with the demo account before advancing to the real trading account. The trading environment in the demo account and the real trading account are the same; the only difference is that the risks involved on the real trading account platform are real, as the investor’s money is at risk for this time.

These two account provisions encircle all one could desire as an investor. You can be sure that the trading on the XTrade platform is a great decision, but if you are skeptical, you could just open a demo account and trade with the free virtual currency points provided there. Another unique feature of this platform is that with the virtual currency provided on its demo account, you can trade on any of the assets of this broker. The broker offers two real trading account for its customers and investors, these are:

  1. XTrade Standard Account: This is the first trading account of the broker. The account has a $250 minimum deposit and is best suited for beginners and those who can take a minimal risk in the financial market. There are trading tools and analysis available for holders of this trading account, as well as a one-on-one platform lesson.
  2. XTrade Premium Account: This is the highest trading account of the broker, and is suitable for professional traders who can take significant risks in the market. It has a $1000 minimum deposit for investment. This account also has an exclusive welcome bonus, a dedicated account manager, educational and trading resources, and support from the team of experts of the broker.


Trade security is a paramount concern of financial assets investors. There are a lot of brokerage firms that offer a lot of attractive offers, but their platforms are not safe. Insecurity voids all the fantastic features of an investment broker’s platform.

XTrade safeguards its traders’ accounts using state of the art security tools. XTrade keeps the funds of its traders in segregated accounts; these accounts are crucial to CFD trading. Segregated accounts make sure that in the eventuality that the broker’s platform is hacked, the funds of the investor are safe, and the agency of reputable credit institutions does this. All transactions on the XTrade platform are also encrypted to ensure maximum web trading safety.

Round The Clock Customer Service

The customer service agent of the XTrade platform is also another way by which the platform supports its clients. Agents of the customer service segment of this platform are well informed and available to attend to the queries of clients round the clock.

There is a live chat option on the XTrade website platform with which investors can contact agents of the XTrade customer service. A client can also contact XTrade customer service via email as well as a phone number. XTrade users can also reach their customer service agents through their social media handles.

The office address of XTrade can also be mailed if the need be.

You can be sure to have a very supportive team behind your trading activities on the XTrade platform; its customer service is an award-winning one.

Education and Trading Tools

The XTrade platform has tons of educational materials with which it empowers its traders to make the best well informed. The resources available in the educational sector of the XTrader platform makes the platform suitable for any diligent trader who can commit himself to learn; this is because XTrade has all the resources a trader needs to learn the art of trading.

Also available on the XTrade platform are numerous trading tools that make the trading business easy for traders of all classes.

Multiple Trading Platforms

The XTrade trading platform is available on a web trader. This platform makes it easy for traders to perform their trade on the website of the broker. The Web Trader is accessible on any internet-enabled web browser, like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and more. Trade is also possible on the mobile trading application platform, both on Android and iOS.

Whether you desire to trade on the go or the spot, you can be sure XTrade has ready-made provisions for you on its platform.

Multi-Award Winning Platform

XTrade is a leading name in the financial assets investment world, and this name has gained a lot of recognition and accolades.

The awards and recognitions of the XTrader account include the following:

  • Best broker middle East, Forex Report Award (2016)
  • Best mobile trading platform, China Forex Expo (2015)
  • Best forex broker, MENA Forex Expo (2016)
  • The best mobile platform, FX Empire (2016)
  • Best customer service, AtoZ Forex (2016)

The XTrade platform is also affiliated with the famous football star, Christiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo was signed as the XTrade official brand ambassador.

XTrade has recorded and is still recording massive trade success for more than ten years of its operation.

Multiple Language Options

The XTrade platform provides its services in thirty-five languages of the world. These language options make the XTrade platform accessible for investors all around the world, even in their languages. The language options include the English language, Italian language, French language, Portuguese language, Danish language, German language, Spanish language, Hungarian language, Russian language, and more.


Investing in financial assets requires an investor to properly plan his/her investment goals and follow them up with practical actions.

The XTrade platform makes assets trading an enjoyable experience, and you can be sure you have an investment broker with a difference on its platform.

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