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El Salvadoran Contestant Of Miss Universe 2023 Clothes Bitcoin-Featured Outfit

Jan 15, 2023

2023 Miss Universe Contest Shocker

In the 2023’s ongoing Miss University Contest, El Salvadoran contestant is surprising everyone with her stunning looks and also through her outfits.

Alejandra Guajardo is the contestant representing El Salvador in the 71st contest of Miss World 2023, presently continuing in New Orleans, USA.

Guajardo was revealing an element of surprise for the audience when she appeared on stage clothing in an outfit featuring a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

She took the ramp of Miss Universe’s National Costume show on Wednesday. She then walked gracefully in a dress that reflected El Salvador’s evolution in currency.

El Salvador’s Journey in National Currency Evolution

Her dress was all golden and she was holding a scepter-like prop showcasing ‘The Bitcoin symbol’. Along with Bitcoin, the dress also featured cacao beans, colon, and US Dollar symbols.

People familiar with El Salvador’s history know that El Salvadorans had long used cacao beans as their official currency. Later, cacao beans were substituted by the colon in 1983.

Similarly, the colon also was substituted and the last substitution was a foreign currency i.e. US Dollar.

After substituting colon, USD is currently the official currency of El Salvador but a further evolution has taken place in the meanwhile.

In 2021, El Salvador granted legal tender to Bitcoin, which though a digital currency, yet an official El Salvadoran currency now.

It was in this background that Guajardo was featuring Bitcoin, cacao bean, colon, and USD. The objective was to remind the audience and refresh their memories of how the El Salvadoran national currency has evolved.

Later, on her Instagram page, Guajardo revealed that her Wednesday outfit was designed by a globally famed designer namely Francisco Guerrero.

Designer’s Concept

Thereafter, the designer also found tweeting and telling people about the concept of the dress.

He said on Twitter that he wanted to showcase El Salvador’s history and that the best way to do it was to highlight currency evolution.

Guerrero said that it wasn’t just an idea but a well-thought concept that successfully reflected what it meant to show to the public.

There were thousands of comments appreciating Guajardo and Guerrero for alleviating the standard of the Miss Universe Contest 2023. People claimed that the statement was well-made and noted by the public.

Bitcoins Status in El Salvador

Bitcoin is currently serving El Salvadorans as their official currency, side by side with the USD. The initiative of recognizing Bitcoin through a legal tender was taken in 2021 under the authorization of the country’s President, Nayib Bukele.

Primarily, it was President Bukele who wished to use Bitcoins for several reasons and one of them was giving Bitcoin “legal tender”. In simple words, legal tender means granting a currency the status of being a ‘national currency’.

Bukele is not only fond of Bitcoin personally but he also firmly believes that Bitcoin has great potential for El Salvadorans.

He believes that Bitcoin can help the country in overcoming a variety of challenges and assist the country’s economy to grow and prosper.

Post Bitcoin Tender

After Bitcoin was given the legal tender, Bukele ordered the government to acquire Bitcoins from the market and stash them for the long term.

He even went onto the stage that El Salvador shouldn’t let go a single day without buying a Bitcoin.

Since the Bitcoin tender, El Salvador has bought thousands of Bitcoins.

Later, engineers in El Salvador came up with the idea of minting Bitcoins at unpredictably low costs.

They proposed that volcanic sites in the country should be converted into Bitcoin mining farms. They suggested that volcanic heat may be converted into energy and supplied to Bitcoin mining rigs for minting Bitcoins.

President Bukele liked the idea and was immediately approved by the premier.

Currently, legislation has been passed under which El Salvador has been producing Bitcoin-based Volcano Bonds. The law hence covers production and other matters pertaining to ‘Volcano Bonds’.

The said law also supposes to be implemented upon the upcoming ‘Volcano Tokens’ which is a project under development.

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