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A Thai Regulator Launches “Crypto Academy” For Benefit Of Investors

Jan 14, 2023

Thai ‘Crypto Academy

Learning and understanding digital assets have been made easy in Thailand primarily because of an initiative taken by the Thai Government.

An academy called ‘Crypto Academy’ has been launched through the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) of Thailand. The newly launched academy shall offer to offer free of charge education with regard to digital assets.

Online courses could be availed by investors and interested individuals from the academy who wish to engage with digital assets.

Investors’ Focused Academy

An official announcement also has been made by SEC in which the public has been apprised of the launching of the academy.

In the announcement, SEC explained that the academy focuses on providing digital asset investors with understanding and know-how regarding assets and blockchain.

The regulator was of the view that pre-exposure education is essential for allowing investors for investing their funds responsibly and efficiently.

SECP expressed that the more the investors know about digital assets, the more profound thoughts they would develop regarding their investments.

Limited Courses

For the time being, the academy has to offer only four types of training and learning courses regarding digital assets and blockchain.

In the first course, learners would be educated specifically with regard to digital assets, their markets, and blockchain technology.

Furthermore, the learners would be explained in detail the true definitions, meanings, and purposes of digital assets and blockchain.

As regards the second course, is specifically dedicated to the core features and aspects pertaining to blockchain and digital assets.

Topics such as ‘what is Bitcoin’ and ‘what is decentralization’ are covered in this course which also includes an understanding of the peer-to-peer system.

In the third course, various events pertaining to the blockchain, digital assets, and their markets have been explained. For instance, ‘Bitcoin halving’ is one such key event that has been explained in detail.

Similarly, present, past, and future events, including factors involved in the uprising and downgrading of crypto markets also have been elaborated.

Within this course, topics on the subject of Non-Fungible Tokens, Decentralized Finance and Metaverse, etc. also have been included.

The fourth and last course, which the academy proposes to offer, pertains to investment strategies and the management of assets. It also focuses on equipping the learners with the skills of determining future price projections of digital assets

The last course also provides an understanding of a variety of tools, indicators, charts, data, and analyses relevant to digital asset markets.

Crypto Quotient Also Included

Apart from the training courses, the academy also comprises a ‘Crypto Quotient’. Crypto Quotient is a tool designed for investors to self-assess their level of education and training concerning digital assets and blockchain.

This would mean that through a self-assessment tool, investors can, on their own, determine how well-trained they are regarding digital assets and blockchain.

Thai Government’s Stance on Digital Assets

The Thai Ministry of Finance said in August 2022 that crypto regulations should be implemented immediately. The Ministry concerned also embarked upon the need for tightening the regulations.

The crypto market has proven to be very risky and dangerous for investors, especially novice cryptocurrency users/investors.

Even the Secretary General of the SEC had insisted that strict oversight should be implemented. He stressed that the ‘unruly’ nature of volatility in overall markets of digital assets should not be underestimated.

The academy is now online for the past week and already thousands of individuals have signed up for availing the courses.

The Thai Government is hopeful that the academy will be highly beneficial for interested individuals. The individuals will learn so much from the content offered through the “Crypto Academy” offered by the government.

They will learn a lot about cryptocurrency projects. They will be able to learn a lot about the nature of the projects and the schemes being offered in Thailand.

This way, they will never fall prey to any kind of schemes and projects being launched only for the purpose of stealing funds.

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