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EcoMarkets Review – Trade Cryptocurrency Safely Online

Feb 4, 2021

EcoMarkets.com Review

EcoMarkets logoDo you think you have it in you to be a trader in a financial market known for its volatility? Do you think you can take advantage of the volatility of cryptocurrency markets and achieve your financial goals through successful trading? If yes, you have EcoMarkets serving as one of the best online platforms for investing in cryptocurrencies. While there are many other brokers for you to choose from, EcoMarkets has a special place when you talk specifically about cryptocurrency investment and trading. Every feature on its trading platform and each aspect of its trading condition is designed for crypto investors.

Let’s take a look at the best features that EcoMarkets has to offer to its crypto investors and traders from around the world.

Safety of Traders Uncompromised

The first thing that will impress you about EcoMarkets is its attention to safety of its traders. You cannot create a trading platform and make it successful unless you offer full protection to the funds deposited by your traders and the information provided by them on the website. EcoMarkets makes sure it meets the highest security standards of the industry when it comes to maintaining the deposits of its traders. In addition to that, it ensures that every bit of information you provide on the website is encrypted straight away to protect it from the snoopers and stalkers in the digital world.

The broker also has a strict KYC (Know Your Customer) policy when you sign up on its website. As per this policy, you will have to submit your proofs of identification when signing up with the broker. You cannot sign up unless you provide these proofs. Does it makes signing up a bit frustrating? Yes, it can be a bit frustrating for you as a new trader. However, once you know about the frauds that take place in the cryptocurrency world, you will be thankful to the broker for having such strict protocols in place for your safety. If the broker does not ask for identification information, someone can steal your information and sign up on its platform with ease.

Mentoring for New Traders

There is no doubt that trading is an easy way to make money. It is no rocket science for you to learn. You don’t need degrees to trade in the financial markets. However, one cannot deny the fact that some people try to make it appear easier than it is. Trading can get complex at times. When you continue to progress as a trader, you start discovering new and more complex ways to trade. Your basic strategies turn into advanced strategies. Your basic chart analyses turn into technical analyses. However, you need the guidance of an experienced trader to teach you all of it.

You will be glad to know that you are in connection with a personal consultant when you sign up with EcoMarkets. This personal consultant is someone who has been trading for years and knows the ins and outs of the industry. While you can learn from books and videos too, there is no better learning than getting the knowledge directly from someone who belongs to the profession. You don’t get this option with every online broker. However, EcoMarkets gives you access to a personal consultant when you sign up with it. It can prove to be a great option for anyone who is stepping in cryptocurrency trading for the first time.

Trading Signals and Strategies

These are the things you have to pay a huge price for if you want access to them. If you don’t know, some brokers have based their account types on trading signals. They will send you trading signals only once a week if you sign up with a basic account, for example. If you want to receive these trading signals more frequently, you will have to sign up with an account that requires a bigger deposit from you. On the other hand, you have EcoMarkets giving you access to the trading signals right on the trading platform. All you have to do is just sign up with the broker and activate your trading account to get access to the trading signals.

Combine these trading signals with your personal experience, observation, and speculation to come up with the most successful trades. In addition to that, the broker is also bringing to you a pre-setup trading plan that you can use to make successful trades. Here, you will notice that EcoMarkets is not charging you any extra money for these amazing features. Once you have access to the trading platform, you have access to all of these amazing features that can help you become a professional trader in no time.

Margins and Leverages Justified

When you talk about leverage, it is the amount of money that the broker is willing to contribute in your trades to help you control big ones. For example, the trade you want to execute might require more money than what you have in your account. How can enter such a trade when you don’t have enough money? That’s where you use leverage. With leverage, the broker will put in some money for every dollar that you invest. With EcoMarkets, you will be getting 1:5 leverage on your cryptocurrency trades. As small as this leverage looks, it is quite huge considering the fact that you are trading cryptocurrencies.

Another challenge that many new traders face is when they don’t have enough money in their account as specified by the broker. For example, the broker might ask the trader to maintain at least 5% of the trade money in his/her account. If the trade is big, the amount needed in the account will be automatically big as well. However, EcoMarkets has kept the margin requirements very affordable for its traders. Even if you are a new trader, you will not have any problem maintaining the margin in your account when entering big cryptocurrency trades.

Realistic Spreads and Commissions

In most cases, you will not have to pay any commission to this broker. For example, when you deposit money in your account, you can just make the deposit right from your cryptocurrency wallet without incurring any commissions. Yes, there is a small commission that you will have to pay when it comes to withdrawing money from your account. However, if you are aware of the basics of how blockchain works, you will know that this is not a commission from the broker but a commission on the blockchain transaction. Other than this, there are no hidden commissions biting into the profits you make from your trades.

You don’t even have to deal with commissions when you enter trades. That’s because the broker works with spreads. It is up to your broker to keep the spreads tight or loose. Loose spreads mean your broker is going to take a big part of the profit you make on your trade. On the other hand, if the broker wants the trader to make money as well, it will keep its spreads as tight as possible. once again, you will be pleased to know that EcoMarkets has the most competitive and some of the tightest spreads in the industry when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies.

In-depth Trading Education

You can’t trade in the financial markets unless you have some prior training of trading. In fact, you need some more training when it comes to trading digital coins. Cryptocurrencies are still new and some people do not understand their concept. They think cryptocurrencies are just any currency in the digital world. However, these currencies are different. The decentralized nature makes them a type of currency that has never existed before. The factors that affect the value of cryptocurrencies in the market are quite different from the factors that affect the prices of forex currencies. EcoMarkets has an in-depth online course on trading available in the form of ebooks and videos for its traders.

Supportive Customer Service

The most important thing about any customer service is that it has to be available when you need it. That’s what you are going to love about the customer support from EcoMarkets. The broker has made its representatives available to help you 24/7. The best thing is that you can get in touch with them right on the website through a live chat feature. Furthermore, you can send an email with your inquiries or schedule a callback. The callback can be scheduled right from the website. Last but not least, you have a very detailed FAQs section on the website that covers just about any issue that you can have with your online account, the trading platform, or trading in general.


While you start as a new and small trader, you don’t want to remain that forever. However, the support from the broker is crucial for any trader to become a professional and seasoned trader. Some brokers make it hard for traders to start with their trading career through difficult trading conditions and unnecessary commissions. On the other hand, you have brokers like EcoMarkets, who try to make the lives of traders easy in every way possible so they can grow in their career and achieve their financial goals.

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