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Coinlife Review – Become a Confident Crypto Trader!

Jan 21, 2021
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Coinlife is a dedicated crypto trading platform wanting to make its customers trade cryptocurrencies with confidence. Although the elevated market volatility has created many opportunities in 2020, there is still a large audience in the world that may be interested to join the industry, yet reluctance keeps them away.

With a trading philosophy developed for the wider public, Coinlife wants to inspire confidence and to do so, it uses some of the latest technologies, innovative tools, and an intuitive trading interface, easy-to-use even for a person with no trading experience.

There is already a welcoming community of crypto enthusiasts building up at Coinlife now that the brand aims to increase its customer base and make crypto trading available for more people in all corners of the world.

Is this a place to enhance your knowledge of digital assets? Can you trade with competitive conditions on a broad range of tokens, including altcoins not covered by other major providers? Let’s see if Coinlife can rise to the occasion and provide some of the best trading services in the field.

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Personalized Trading Software

One of the main reasons why so many traders already joined the Coinlife community has to do with its trading software. The provider equips its customers with innovative tools and a top-performing platform to easily navigate the uncertain cryptocurrency markets.

It aims to offer not just a standard trading service, but a proactive learning environment, where traders can constantly learn as valuations unfold. Each trade placed represents a valuable resource, regardless of the outcome.

You can use multiple trading tools, including technical indicators, one-click trading, price alerts, reports, and get access to some of the latest market news, all integrated into the platform. Also, account funding had been simplified and you will see a “Deposit” button available on the platform, sparing the time needed to add new funds via the website.

This platform knows no boundaries and can be used on multiple devices: Desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, Windows, Mac OS, Android, or iOS, the operating system is irrelevant, given the platform can be accessed via web browser.

All Features into one Account

Access to the platform, Coinlife blog, customer support via live chat, and all the other features are available for all traders who choose to register with this brand. There are no multiple account types available and that’s an important benefit for traders unable to deposit a lot of funds.

At the same time, it shows the inclusive approach of Coinlife, wanting to clear the barriers currently in front of many individuals aiming to get involved in the cryptocurrency market. Security and safety of funds are ensured via multiple protocols and technologies with proven efficiency.


To sign up for a new account with Coinlife, you’ll first need to provide a few personal details, including your first and last name, email, and phone number. Once the account is ready, the next step will be to provide additional details, including address, gender, age, and others.

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Coinlife is compliant with the latest AML rules and thus made it mandatory for all customers to pass a verification process. As with any other provider, you will need to submit several identification documents. Without completing this step, several actions might be restricted, including requesting withdrawals.

A Generous Crypto Assets List

Because its main focus is on cryptocurrencies, one of the most important benefits when working with Coinlife comes from the broad range of instruments currently available. Trading opportunities arise across many different altcoins and an offer focused solely on Bitcoin, Ether, or XRP would have been very weak.

The conditions are completely different at Coinlife, given you can go long or short on tens of crypto instruments, taking advantage of price movements in Dash, Cardano, Neo, Tron, Stellar, Ethereum Classic, and other altcoins that currently have a large market capitalization and increasing popularity.

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Pros and Cons

  • A welcoming community of crypto enthusiasts
  • Personal assistants provide support for all customers
  • Tens of different cryptocurrency instruments available on the platform
  • Coinlife only covers crypto instruments
  • EU traders are not allowed to open trading accounts
  • Limited educational resources are provided on the website

Coinlife Summary

It is impossible to predict where the cryptocurrency market is headed over the next 2 to 5 years. However, what’s for sure is that in the meantime, there will be many new trading opportunities arising, due to increased volatility. With the trading products covered by Coinlife, you can take advantage of the short-term opportunities and generate returns based on how the prices fluctuate.

Thanks to its goal of inspiring confidence among traders via a personalized and efficient trading offer, Coinlife is now among the trusted trading brands. The upside potential ahead is high and since this provider is one step ahead of the competition, it can continue on its path to improving the trading services and transparently serve its growing customer base.

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