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International Trading Revenue Review – Everything It Offers to Its Experienced and New Traders

Feb 4, 2021

International Trading Revenue Review (t-revenue.uk)

t-revenue.uk logoWhether you are a new trader or someone who has traded for many years, you have to make sure to pick the right platform for trading if you want to make money. Just like any other activity or work in the world, online trading requires you to put in some efforts to get returns for your investments. Just like other industries and fields, it offers you its fair share of challenges. The first challenge for you is to pick a company that can provide you with some great trading features. To be more precise, you want to be on a platform that gives you opportunities to grow.

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That’s where I think I have to talk about International Trading Revenue. I have been with some other companies in the past. I liked a few of their features, but what this broker has offered me is something I have not experienced with any other trading platform. I have to tell you that you are going to love your overall trading experience with this company. I don’t say that because I want to preach about a firm that I have signed up with. I am saying that because I know what your needs are as a new trader. Why do I know that? Well, because I am one of you and I know what you are going through.

Here is a disclaimer that I want to give you before you even think about signing up with International Trading Revenue. This trading services provider is all about straightforward trading and giving you the best features while you trade. It is not about bells and whistles, which many other places offer only to get your attention. So, here’s the detailed International Trading Revenue review so you know everything about it.

Broker International Trading Revenue
Website https://t-revenue.uk/
Account Types Real and Islamic
Deposits Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card
KYC and AML Yes
Encryption Yes
Commissions No
Customer Support Phone and Email


Trade on Your Phone

That’s the first thing I want to talk about and there is a reason for that. So, when you start trading, you will realize that your interest is increasing in doing it. The more you trade, the more your love increase for it. There comes a time when you just want to trade nonstop. That’s when you want the trading platform to be available to you all the time. However, you can’t really trade all the time when you are on a desktop trading platform. For using that platform, you have to be at your home or wherever you keep the personal computer that you use every day.

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To trade on the go and from anywhere in the world, you need a trading platform that can run on your mobile devices. Here, I also want to bring your attention to the fact that a trading platform that has been designed for your phone will run fast on it. If you use a platform on your phone that has not been primarily designed for it, you will notice glitches and slow performance. The issue with slow performance is that you can end up with a trade that you never wanted to enter. Why? Because you will trade on a price that is very old, but you will think that you are seeing the latest price.

I always believe that you should look for mobile applications when it comes to trading on your phone. That’s where International Trading Revenue provides you with the best answer to your concern. What I am trying to say is that you get a trading platform that has been designed for your mobile phones. The best thing is that you can use it not only on your Android phones but iPhones as well. In other words, it does not matter which operating system on you have on your smartphone, the trading platform will run without any glitches or affected performance.

The good thing is that the platform has been optimized for mobile devices. What I mean is that you will not have any problems while using it. You will not have to zoom into things only so you can click on them. It has been optimized in such a way that you will be able to tap on everything with ease. You will also be able to navigate through all the options on the platform without any problems.

Web Trading Made Possible

While mobile trading has its upsides, you can’t say that every trader is looking for this type of trading. It is a big world and different people sign up with online companies from a variety of countries. They have different preferences. Not to mention the fact that there are still some nations that are not rich enough to buy smartphones just like that. In those countries, you have people who still use desktop computers more than any other devices. Other than that, you also have to think about people who go from one device to another and from that device to another in a day.

The broker that provides with trading services has to consider the needs of all of these traders. That’s where I have to tell you that mobile applications are not the best solutions. They are the best solution only for people who are using smartphones on a daily basis. But if you keep switching your devices within a day, I recommend that you go with the web trader. Firstly, you have to thank the company that it thought about all types of traders and did not think that a mobile application was enough. So, with the web trader, you can trade from anywhere yet again and without the need of downloading anything.

That’s the factor that makes web trading better than any other way of doing that. You don’t have to download any softwares. Since you don’t have to download anything, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility issues either. In other words, your trading platform will run on just about any device that you use. Yes, you are right if you are thinking that you can use this web trading platform on your smartphones as well. You will like the consistency that this type of trading offers, which means that you can trade in the same manner and on the same interface no matter which device you switch to.

Lastly, I want to talk to the people who are not using Android phones, iPhones or any Windows computers. You might be someone who has always used a MAC since the beginning. Worry not because you can use the web trader on your MAC as well, and that too without any issues.

Go with a Demo Account

You will love the fact that with International Trading Revenue, you can also open a demo account. This is the feature that used to be very common just a few years ago. However, I noticed that this trend was going away with time. Perhaps, online brokers thought that their traders were spending too much time on the demo accounts and not opening the real accounts. Based on that, they stopped offering a demo account. However, I am glad that my favorite trading platform still offers you the opportunity to trade on a demo account. This particular account can help you in a variety of manners.

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Firstly, let me tell you that if you want to practice trading, you first have to think about rehearsing and practicing. How can you practice trading? Well, there is no better way than to use a demo account. The demo account allows you to trade in an environment which is not different from what the real trading environment is. Now, once you are on the demo account, you want to trade assets. How can you do that without depositing anything in your account? Well, that’s the beauty of demo accounts. You don’t have to deposit anything in your account to learn trading through demo accounts.

You just open an account that lets you simulate trading like you are trading in real. You also have funds in your accounts that you can use for trading with this account. Of course, these funds are not real. They are artificial funds or fake money that is only there to help you learn what trading is all about. It also gives you a good tour of the trading platform so you know what you will be using, where the different options are located, and how you can use different features for different functions. I don’t know if other companies are still offering this feature or not. I can just tell you that you will learn through a demo account when you sign up with International Trading Revenue.

A Real Account with Many Features

Now, once you have learned what trading is all about, you can go with real trading as well. Of course, when you start trading with a real account, you are in the real trading world. You will have to deposit funds in your account if you want to go with the real trading account. Once you have deposited funds in this account, you will be using them for trading. Every trader you enter, you will first have to find out how much total amount you will have to invest. Once you press the “buy” button on your platform, the money will go out of the funds you have deposited.

The best thing about the real account that you will open with International Trading Revenue is that you will not have to deposit a lot of money in there. With only a small deposit, you will get access to a variety of financial markets and many assets. You will get a lot of features with your trading account. For example, you will get access to all the assets that are on the asset index of the company. In addition to that, you will get professional customer support from people who will listen to you on the phone before they provide you with solutions to your problems. Furthermore, you will get access to the training and educational material.

Whatever you want to learn about trading, you will get in this particular education center. I have noticed many other online brokers that provide you with education and training. The problem with the education they provide you with is that it is not really what it is supposed to be. They tell you that you will get access to professional level education but when you read the ebooks or watch the videos they have for you in the education center, you realize that they have been put together in a hurry or just casually. In other words, you will learn only generic material from the education stuff that you get with International Trading Revenue.

KYC and AML Protection

When you see an online trading services provider talking about AML and KYC, I can say that you should take that as a positive sign. No company that cares about you will ever ignore these policies. They are like the standards of the online trading industry. The only companies you should stay away from are the ones that do not have these policies on their websites. So, let me explain a little why these policies really matter. When it comes to the KYC policy, you have to figure out the purpose of this policy from its full form, which is Know Your Customer.

The idea is that the broker has to know its customers before they sign up with it. Why? Well, don’t you think you have to provide your personal details, passport information, and visa details before you enter a new country? How can you sign up with an online company without providing your personal details? In the case of International Trading Revenue, you will have to provide your personal details before you sign up with the company. You will have to provide the company with your personal identification number. You will also have to provide details of the utility bills that you have been paying in the past.

The company will ask you to send the pictures of these documents for proof. Once you have sent these documents, the broker will verify all the details to make sure that you are really the person that you are claiming to be. This way, online trading services providers make sure that they let only legal entities trading on their platforms. Now, in addition to that, you will see that International Trading Revenue also has the AML policy in place. Again, you should just look at the full form of the word, which is Anti-Money Laundering. Yes, this policy is in place to ensure that no money launderers are allowed to sign up on the trading platform to store their illegal wealth.

Here, you have to know a little background. The reality is that there are many different types of people in the world who want to use online trading platforms only for storing their laundered money. Some platform would even provide them with this facility. However, you will never feel good when you are with those platforms because if your broker supports people who loot others, then it can loot you some day too. However, you will not have to worry about that when you are with International Trading Revenue because this firm never does that. It has the proper AML policy in place only to ensure that people who launder money are not welcome on the platform.

Trade Many Assets

As much as I try to ignore this particular feature, I have to talk about it. So, I have been with some online companies that provide trading services and I have to tell you that the asset index matters a lot. It just does not feel right when you spend so much money on trading and take such a huge risk only to find out that you will be trading a few instruments. The modern world does not know any boundaries. If you can trade from the comfort of your home, office, or while traveling, you don’t have to face any restrictions in the number of assets that you can trade with the company.

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I am sure that if you sign up with the wrong platform, you will definitely feel a bit lacking behind because you will never be able to access certain assets. You want to become a professional trader someday but you can’t because you will never be able to access the assets that those professional traders trade every single day. I am sure you are going to love signing up with International Trading Revenue because of the number of assets that it gives you access to. Including forex currency pairs and cryptocurrencies, you will be able to access and trade more than 100 different instruments.

No, you will not have to open many different accounts or follow any special policies. You can be in many markets at the same time when you sign up with International Trading Revenue. The best thing is that you can open multiple orders when you are with International Trading Revenue. Last but not least, you can take any position that you like on any asset of your choice. If you want to buy an asset, you will be able to buy it. If you want to sell an asset, you will be able to sell it. The broker will not restrict you in any way that you can’t buy or sell a particular asset. In most cases, it happens when the trading services provider only cares about its profit but not yours.

Information and Funds Protection

Do you know that your information and money need protection when you sign up with online companies? That’s something many new traders are not aware of. This is a huge problem because if you don’t realize the importance of this point, you can end up in a huge mess. Let me tell you that if the company asks for your personal details while you are signing up, that’s only a small part of the whole story. The real story is that once the company has obtained your information, it has to protect it from people who can steal the information and then do illegal activities in your name.

How can the broker that you have signed up with for trading purposes protect your information? Well, it is not really hard to do. If the company really knows the industry standards, it will have many ways to protect your information. The most important thing is that it should have encryption in place. Through encryption, the service provider converts your information into codes that are not readable by anyone. This is an important step that has to be taken because data breaches are more common than you might think. The worst thing about these breaches is that the companies don’t even know about them when they are taking place.

Even the best companies of the world found out about data breaches when the hackers had already done their work. Now in addition to the protection of your information, you also have to consider how the broker will protect your money. Here, I want you to ask your trading service providing firm that it keeps your money in reliable banks. To be precise, it should only pick regulated banks for your money. Now, whenever you deposit your funds in your account, the brokerage firm should move those funds in that account. This account must not store the money of the brokerage firm though. That’s the whole point of having segregated funds.

You will love the fact that when you sign up with International Trading Revenue, all the money you deposit in your account will go into these separate funds.

Final Thoughts

So, I think I have told you a lot about this broker. You know what trading will be like when you sign up with International Trading Revenue and how many features you will enjoy on its trading platform. With those features and flexibilities, I can’t find a reason to walk away from this company to another one. I always think that a bigger risk than trading is the risk of changing your trading platform without having any strong reason for this action.

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