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Crypto Fraudsters Got Arrested From Their Homes in Israel

Nov 20, 2021

At least 8 men have been arrested from their residences by law enforcement agencies of Israel over the allegations of being part of a crypto fraud that is under investigation by the Israeli Police. The arrested individuals were captured from their houses and the Police officials also searched their houses and collected whatever evidence they found. Amongst the arrested individuals, there is a person who is a very well-known figure in Israel whose name is Moshe Hogeg, an owner of a renowned football team.

Local Police in Israel executed several raids on Thursday, 18th November 2021, for searching the persons behind a crypto fraud. During the raids, at least 8 men have been arrested who were all present in their residential houses at the time when police raided. All of the eight men were immediately arrested by the police and their homes were searched for a collection of evidence. The families of the suspects couldn’t do anything but see their men taken by police. However, the police told the families that they are taking them for investigation. If no evidence is found against them, then they will be released immediately.

According to Police, the arrested individuals are connected with each other as they are all part of a single crypto fraud scheme. The police also told that they have reason to believe that they have the right people who are part of the scam.

At first, police raided the workplaces of these individuals and when they couldn’t find them there, then police raided their houses. While the police were arresting the individuals, other police officials were searching the houses. Police said that they had collected more than enough evidence from their houses to prove that the arrested individuals are not innocent.

Police also told that it had taken over an investigation which initiated some six months ago. Based on the evidence and information, the police were reducing the distance between the prime suspects and police. It was the evidence that led the police to these individuals who have been arrested on 18th November.

According to police these persons were involved in committing financial crimes and crypto frauds. In addition, the plundered money was being laundered by these persons and they had successfully whitened millions of Shekels.

The police also informed that the arrested individuals include a very famous person from the locality. It was informed that the very well-known figure is an owner of a football team who is known by the name “Moshe Hogeg”. Police said about Hogeg that he is a renowned person and rich and owns a local football club known as “Beitar Jerusalem Football Club”. This is a premier club which is an official soccer club playing for the event, the Israeli Premier League. Hogeg too is suspected of being one of the fraudsters and money launderers.

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