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Cool Valley’s Mayor Wants to Give Each Resident Bitcoin’s Portion worth Thousand Dollars

Aug 24, 2021

City mayor in the State of Missouri, US is initiating a fundraising campaign through which each resident of the Cool Valley city will be given a fraction in the lead virtual coin, Bitcoin, worth about US$ 1,000. However, he wants that the citizens to not sell their stake in Bitcoins too early, instead, he expects people to hold their Bitcoins on a long-term basis when the value of Bitcoin would be around US$ 500k.

The Mayor of Cool Valley, Jayson Stewart, is popular amongst local residents because of many things. Residents of this small city, which is located in Saint Louis County of State of Missouri, love him. His popularity is because he spends most of his time amongst the local residents. He is also known to be a political figure who supports cryptocurrencies.

The Mayor has recently revealed a plan which he thinks would greatly benefit the local residents. He said that he has a wish where he wants to see every citizen of his city become rich and wealthy. He suggested that his dream can come true easily if his plan is duly implemented upon in a letter in spirit.

As regards his plan, Mayor Stewart, opined that he wants to give away some portion of Bitcoin to each resident of Cool Valley. He said that Cool Valley is a small town with only 1500 people living therein so the plan can be implemented without difficulty. He suggested that he is seriously thinking about launching a fundraising campaign. The funds collected will be utilized for the purchase of Bitcoins. Thereafter, each resident of Cool Valley will be given some portion of Bitcoin approximately worth US$ 1,000.

Mayor Stewart further revealed that the plan would work in one condition only. He suggested that if people will sell their Bitcoins immediately then they wouldn’t be able to enjoy the benefits. In order for them to gain the full benefit of Bitcoin, they would need to keep their coins until the time comes. He opined that the best time to sell their Bitcoin would be when Bitcoin’s value would be around US$ 500K. There is no reward in selling Bitcoins immediately, instead, the great benefit lies in long-term strategy, said the Mayor.

The Mayor revealed his plan on a local TV show where he also revealed that he has already initiated the fundraising campaign. He commented that all the residents of Cool Valley will be given their portions of Bitcoins. Whether it would be worth US$500 or 1000, he would make sure that each person has his share. He also said that Bitcoin is like gold for him and gold exponentially benefits its owner after a considerable time. Furthermore, he told that the major contributors to his fundraising campaigns are prominent Bitcoin investors.

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