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BTC Mining Revenue Increases By Over 68.6% In 2022

Aug 13, 2022

In 2022, the BTC mining sector witnessed great financial strain. This is because the price drop of BTC affected their crypto holdings.

Their crypto holdings dipped by over 50% this year compared to 2021. However, the year’s lowest mining income day, June 13th, didn’t deter miners. Within a month, mining revenue spiked by about 68.63%.

BTC Mining Revenue Increases

Revenue from BTC mining decreased during 2022. This is due to several issues related to investors’ attitudes, which were fueled by tensions brought on by market crashes and investment losses.

According to reports, the Bitcoin ecosystem later rebounded across several parameters. They include the difficulty of the network, monetary revenue earned by miners, and the hash rate.

Furthermore, BTC mining income increased by over 69% in a month. According to info from blockchain.com, it spiked from $13.928 million on July 13th to $23.488 million on August 12th.

Despite having high operating expenses, the considerable growth in mining income demonstrates that the industry is still sustainable. Additionally, as BTC miners worked on mining the last 2M BTC, decreased prices for mining equipment have made it possible for them to upgrade their current infrastructure.

Over the past month, BTC’s hash rate has increased by over 10%, in addition to mining income. This has strengthened the network against spending attempts. 

As a result, network difficulty has increased for the first time since June. Network difficulty measures how challenging it is to generate a new BTC block.

Increase In Stock Prices Of BTC Miners 

The positive movement in the Bitcoin network has also spread to crypto mining firms as they recorded increased stock prices last month. Cryptocurrency mining firms such as Marathon Digital Holdings, Core Scientific, and Hut8 Mining Corp witnessed over a 95% increase in stock prices.

However, all three mining firms have recorded wide losses in 2022. Most of it was due to the price drop of Bitcoin, which affected their cryptocurrency holdings.

Apart from mining revenue, stock prices have also increased. In July, the stock values of cryptocurrency mining enterprises spiked by about 120%. This was due to better mining profitability, recovering crypto asset prices, and increased Bitcoin output.

As per data from Yahoo Finance, the stock prices of crypto mining firms Core Scientific, Hut 8, Marathon Digital Holdings, and Riot Blockchain have all spiked over the past 30 days, outpacing the asset prices of BTC with an increase of 18.0% and ETH with a rise of 67.8%.

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