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Blockchain.com’s Users Can Now Easily Send Crypto Thanks To Its New Partnership

Jun 30, 2021

Blockchain.com, now providing its users with the opportunity to send funds along with the usernames rather than wallet addresses, has become one of the biggest crypto wallet providing organizations that are continuously simplifying the realm for the investors. The partnership between Unstoppable Domains and blockchain.com signifies that 32 million of its verified consumers in around 200 countries are capable of sending and receiving crypto with names simple to read and verify.

Amadeo Pellicce, the Product Manager of blockchain.com, disclosed in an interview that they realize the difficulty for people in understanding the complex crypto terms no matter if they contain a private key, a recovery phrase, or an address. He further stated that they desired to bring convenience to the people for paying one another just like it is done on e-mail and social media.

$800 billion transactions have been operated by the wallets via blockchain.com since 2012 up till now. Pellicce revealed that the entering of the receiver’s 25 to 42 digit wallet address comprising of alphabets and numbers was the traditional way to send Ethereum, Bitcoin, and the other cryptocurrencies. It was further expressed that the cases of mistyping or miscopying the address of the receiver’s online wallet have been reported by the consumers as the information once entered cannot be reverted.

From now onwards, the users will be allowed to type in Amadeo. Crypto is the receiver of the crypto transaction, according to Pellicce. Unstoppable Domains’ CEO and founder, Matthew Gould, discussed in a statement that the services like Cash App and Venmo are the secured ecosystems that incorporate geographic restrictions while the freedom of sending funds to a large number of exchanges and wallets across the globe with the domain names is allowed by the Unstoppable Domains.

Above 1 million domain names, minted as NFTs on the blockchain of Ethereum. These NFT realms are utilized for the creation of decentralized websites for Web3 and publishing the content in addition to the receiving and sending of funds.

Else than accompanying domain provider, Pellicce claimed, the blockchain.com is examining its whole product, which aims at making it comfortable for the customers to purchase crypto and use it for the first time.

He concluded by saying that more than only sending funds, the DeFi and other such applications created by the top of blockchains are also the things that the firm is looking forward to making user-friendly for the users.

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