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Bitcoin.org is Offline and Reason is an Attack for Crypto-Scam

Sep 22, 2021

As per the latest reports, Bitcoin.org has been shut down all of a sudden. It is considered as one of the first major sites that were launched for providing information around Bitcoin (BTC). The sources reveal that the website had recently been hacked.

It is being reported that the platform has recently suffered a hack by scammers through the online platform. In order to fend off the hack attack, the website has been shut down temporarily. For now, there is no information as to how long the website will be kept shut down.

The announcement in regards to Bitcoin.org being attacked and getting shut down was made on Thursday, September 13, 2021. The announcement was reportedly made by an anonymous curator for Bitcoin.org, who goes by the alias “Cobra”.

Cobra revealed that the platform had been compromised and the hackers even managed to put up a note on the website. This meant that the hackers had gained control of the website, allowing them to add note to the website.

He revealed that the hackers took full control of the website. After gaining control, they removed all the content from the website and went ahead adding a note on it. The note requested for the visitors to transfer Bitcoin for free to the address provided in the note.

Matt Corallo, the developer of Bitcoin shared a message through Twitter where he asked everyone not to send Bitcoin o the address at all. Corallo stated that it was clearly a scam orchestrated by the hackers and they must not send any funds to the hackers.

Right after the hackers shared the message and it was picked up by Corallo, the website was reportedly disabled by Namecheap. It has been confirmed that the website has been shut down temporarily and will be re-opened once the issue has been dealt with. Until then, the website for Bitcoin.org will remain down and it may take a few days for the website to get back on.

The users who witnessed the hack have provided more information on the matter. According to the users, prior to the website going down, the hackers had posted a fake giveaway. In the announcement, the hackers asked users to participate with a small amount they had to send to a particular Bitcoin wallet address.

Although the alarms were sounded against the scam, the scammers still managed to get away with the $17,000 that they reportedly accumulated from the scam.

While announcing the hack, Cobra provided the reason as to how the hackers were able to gain access to the website. Cobra revealed that the hackers were able to find a particular flaw that was lying in the DNS of Bitcoin.org.

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