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AOS-Exchange Review – Is AOS-Exchange Scam or a Recommended Trading Platform?

Dec 7, 2020

AOS-Exchange Review

AOS-Exchange ReviewIn today’s economic environment, it is becoming more difficult than ever for people to survive on a single income source. A 9-to-5 job simply doesn’t cut it anymore, considering the increase in inflation and the difficulty in maintaining a good standard of living. This has driven people to look at other ways to supplement their income, like taking up a part-time job or investing their money somewhere. The former can be extremely exhausting and eventually take a toll on you, while the latter doesn’t give you the kind of returns you are after. Most of the traditional investment options are no longer giving the kind of returns people want to see. 

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However, there is one aspect that can certainly be explored in this regard and has worked for many. If you are looking for a way to make some solid returns without binding yourself to a fixed schedule and in a short span of time, you can try out trading in the financial markets. This is not a new idea, as people have been trading in these markets for decades. As a matter of fact, some of the world’s richest people made their fortunes in the foreign exchange and stock markets. But, it begs the question that why didn’t people opt for it before if it was such a good one?

This was mostly because the trading markets had their barriers to entry, much like other worldwide markets. People had to go out looking for a broker and then figure out what to invest in and had to make trades manually. It was a time-consuming process that required effort and knowledge, which made it difficult for everyone to try it out. Plus, there were also high risks involved since you could lose everything if you didn’t do things right. So, what is different now? The difference is that like everything else, trading has also adjusted to the online world.

That’s right; now you can trade online, without going anywhere and half of the complexities and bureaucracy has been eliminated. Similarly, you don’t need to start with copious amounts of money to trade and don’t have to opt for it as a full-time career. Traders have the option of doing it as a hobby, i.e. in their free time and can start with a minimal amount. Also, you can try it out even if you have no prior trading experience or any knowledge.

Likewise, the financial markets have also expanded over the years and numerous instruments have been added. This means it is laden with opportunities for everyone and one of these is cryptocurrency. The industry kicked off with Bitcoin in 2009 and many did not expect it to last, given its decentralized and unregulated nature. But, it appears that the pioneer crypto has defied expectations and is now a behemoth in the financial world. The crypto market has expanded rapidly within a decade and there are more than 6,000 coins that you can find in it nowadays, which can be used for trading.

They remain as volatile as they were before, but have become notorious for offering people excellent returns for their investors. Consequently, lots of people around the world are interested in investing in the market, especially those who are seeking high returns without having to wait for years. The crypto market is a perfect fit in this regard, as its volatility allows people to earn a fortune even with a small investment. With the popularity of cryptocurrencies, the number of brokers providing trading services for this market has also surged. Yes, you still need to use a brokerage for your trading needs because they will provide you with the platform and tools for trading.

A quick search will tell you that there are hundreds of choices, but not all of them are the same. Each company will claim to be good at what they do, but if that were true, then you should probably sign up with them all. The best way to decide which way to go is by learning everything there is to know about a platform. AOS-Exchange will be on the list of options you will find in the crypto space and they are only dedicated to offering crypto trading services. Learn as much as possible about this broker below:

Broker AOS-Exchange
Website https://www.aos-exchange.com/
Trading Accounts Trail, Basic, Trader, Pro Plus, VIP, Millionaire Club and VIP Ultra
Minimum Deposit €500
Assets Coverage Cryptocurrencies
Trading Tools Market news, webinars, price alerts, risk management system and social trading
Education and Training Yes; books, videos, tutorials and other learning material
Customer Support 24/6 through email, online contact form and phone
Security Policy KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies
Parent Company AOS-Exchange Ltd.


The Cryptocurrencies Offered by AOS-Exchange 

When you decide to know everything about a brokerage in order to decide if you want to use their services, it is recommended that you start with their crypto offerings. Your goal is to invest in the crypto market, but this doesn’t mean that you are willing to go with whatever options that might be available. It is essential to have a wide range of options to choose from and they also need to be profitable and not dubious, as some projects may be. Not every platform will be able to fill the criteria in this regard, so it is best to know what you are getting into. AOS-Exchange is offering crypto trading and it hasn’t skimped out on the options it provides. Some of the cryptocurrencies you can trade with them are:

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Bitcoin: Any crypto broker worth their salt will offer people the chance to trade Bitcoin, the leading crypto in terms of market capitalization. There will only be 21 million Bitcoins ever and this limit has given the cryptocurrency’s popularity a strong boost and it is in great demand. 

Bitcoin Cash: This is a continuation of the Bitcoin project and was introduced in 2017 as a hard fork because the development team couldn’t come to an agreement over the consensus rules for growing and scaling Bitcoin. The result was Bitcoin Cash and it is just as decentralized but has upgraded rules.

Litecoin: Known as the silver coin to Bitcoin’s gold, Litecoin was launched in 2011 and it is just a faster version of the first cryptocurrency. It also comes with a limit, as there will only be 84 million coins, which is higher than Bitcoin’s cap. It competes with Ethereum for second place in the crypto market.

Ethereum: While the cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum blockchain is known as Ether, people often use the term Ethereum to refer to it. Founded in 2015, it is extremely versatile, which has helped it in becoming the second-leading cryptocurrency in the market because of the smart contracts feature. 

Monero: Recognized as one of the privacy-based cryptocurrencies, Monero is referred to as XMR and was introduced in the market in 2014. It has a unique algorithm that makes it easy to mind and the currency’s developers depend on donations for its advancement. 

Zcash: Another cryptocurrency that’s known for its privacy features is Zcash (ZEC). It shares a lot of similarities with Bitcoin, as it is also based on the decentralized blockchain. However, it cannot be tracked as easily as Bitcoin because it boasts an encryption feature. Therefore, it is a lot more private, but it also comes with a cap of 21 million. 

Along with these cryptocurrencies, AOS-Exchange has also added some other choices for its clients like IOTA, NEM, Ox, DASH, and more. This enables traders to diversify their cryptocurrency investment, which goes a long way in reducing risks and increasing profits. 

The Secure Environment at AOS-Exchange 

When you are done determining the cryptocurrency choices you will find on a platform, your next priority should be the security of the trading environment. There are some traders out there who have taken this aspect lightly and have suffered for it. This is due to the fact that the world of the internet is not very secure. The number of cybersecurity incidents has increased significantly in the last couple of decades, as hackers have gotten smarter and more sophisticated at what they do. They not only steal funds but can also steal personal information, which is either sold to someone else or misused in some way.

These can have serious repercussions for anyone and you would want to avoid them at all costs. So, what can you do? The best way to avoid this is by opting for a broker that offers a secure trading environment and uses proper measures for mitigating these risks. AOS-Exchange has security and privacy policies for its platform and you can find out more about them by visiting their website. First and foremost, they have specified in their Privacy Policy that all information collected by the company is only for providing their services. The data is not used for any illegal purpose and neither is it licensed or sold to a third-party without consent.

To prevent outsiders from gaining access to sensitive and confidential data, AOS-Exchange has opted to use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. This immediately encrypts all data, as soon as it is shared with the brokerage, thereby preventing any third-parties from compromising it in any way. Apart from that, you will come to know that the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) security policies are also implemented on this platform. These require some documentation from the traders, which prevents cybercriminals from signing up with the company to misuse it in any way.

Traders have to submit proof of identity, which can be done by providing any one of three documents; a national ID card, passport, or a driver’s license. Proof of address is next, which involves a bank statement or a utility bill, whether gas, water or electricity, as long as it is not more than three months old. Taking these documents allows AOS-Exchange to prevent their platform from being used for money laundering, identity theft, terrorist financing, or any other financial crimes. Plus, it also gives traders peace of mind because they know that the broker has not taken their security lightly.

AOS-Exchange trading platform

The Trading Platform of AOS-Exchange

Now you know whether you will have a secure environment to trade in or not, but it should also be noted that this safety would be useless if the trading platform offered to you is not up to the mark. This platform is the software you primarily use for trading i.e. opening and closing your crypto positions. If there is a price movement in your favor, you may want to close the trade, so you can take in the profits. But, if the platform is slow and takes too much time to execute, the price may move in the opposite direction, thereby preventing you from reaping the benefits. This is just one scenario; there are a hundred different things that can go wrong where the trading platform is concerned.

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Therefore, before opting for a crypto broker, traders need to analyze and study the trading platform they will be provided. There are different kinds that can be found in the market, as you will come to know. AOS-Exchange has opted to go with the web trading platform, which means it is to be accessed through their website. It is a fully online trading platform, so you need an internet connection and a web browser to use it. The no downloading and installation feature is a plus for many traders because they may find it too restrictive. 

There is no doubt a web trading platform grants more flexibility because you can use it for trading on your mobile devices as well, giving you freedom of movement. AOS-Exchange has used innovative technology for the platform to offer quick trade execution, which can make a big difference in the crypto market. The platform doesn’t lag or has any performance issues because it boasts an intuitive user-interface, making it easy to navigate and very responsive. In addition, they have also gone as far as equipping it with the necessary trading tools that can improve functionality. 

Price alerts, market news, trading signals, copy trading feature, charting tools and market reviews are just some of the bonuses that AOS-Exchange’s platform has to offer. Also, there is no need to worry about a learning curve, since it is easy to use and doesn’t come with any complex steps and procedures. 

Signing Up with AOS-Exchange

Knowing about the crypto offerings, security, and platform of a broker is vital for a trader, but your research doesn’t stop there. You also need to know what requirements have been set forth for you to be able to use their services. Some companies do have some time-consuming steps that they want their traders to complete and this can often frustrate people. AOS-Exchange has opted to keep everything simple in this regard. To sign up for their services, you will obviously have to go to their website. You need to click on the ‘Create an Account’ option, which will open up a short form.

This form asks you to provide your first name, last name, email address, phone number, country of residence, and a password. You are also requested to choose an account currency that you want to use. Plus, AOS-Exchange also asks all clients to agree to their Terms & Conditions, which can be found on their website and you also have to confirm that you are 18 or above to be able to finish the process. This is all you have to do for signing up on this platform and starting your crypto trading journey.

AOS-Exchange trading accounts

Account Types Available on AOS-Exchange

After you have signed up, you are ready to start trading, but before you can do that, you will first have to select an account type. If you have looked at other brokers in the market, you are aware that several account types are provided to traders. This is common amongst companies that are catering to traders from varying backgrounds, as is AOS-Exchange. But, what you will find appealing here is that they don’t go with the standard three to four choices. Instead, there are seven account types to choose from, which gives you enough variety to find one you are comfortable with. These types are:

Trail: You are asked to deposit a minimum of €500 for opening this account, so it is a good way for newcomers to get started. It provides videos about the whole system, there are tutorials in the learning center and traders also receive market news, reviews, and specialist opinions. The leverage for this account starts at 1:100 and the spreads are regular, along with full customer support offered. 

Basic: A minimum of €5,000 is required in deposit here and the leverage is increased in this account to 1:150 for offering greater incentive. The spreads are lower in this account and traders are provided with a personal account manager and a risk manager to assist them in trading. 

Trader: Traders are asked to deposit a minimum of €10,000 for this account and in return, the account gives them a senior account manager and a risk management system. They can also take advantage of webinars and the leverage they get here is now 1:200. In addition, this account comes with the social trading feature, which enables traders to follow and copy other expert traders for making profitable trades. 

Pro Plus: The minimum deposit requirement for this account is €50,000 and it provides a private senior account manager to traders. It comes with private lessons from experts, along with a private risk manager and market analyst, making it a good choice for advanced traders. The leverage for this account goes up to 1:250. 

VIP: You will be asked to deposit a minimum of €100,000 for the VIP account, which makes it suitable for skilled traders. They are provided with higher leverage of 1:300, as they can take the most advantage of it. A senior market analyst is provided in this option and traders can also have meetings with expert traders. They are also invited to conferences worldwide and become part of a Traders’ Group Club. Other gifts are also provided in this account. 

Millionaire Club: An account that has been designed for serious, ambitious, and expert traders, this one needs a minimum deposit of €500,000. The leverage for this account is 1:350 and it comes with a personal team that consists of an account leader, connections with brokers worldwide, private banking, support for hedging strategies, and a private support manager. 

VIP Ultra: The last account choice that you will find on AOS-Exchange is one that works for professional traders. It needs a minimum deposit of €1,500,000. It provides access to all features offered by the broker, plus some additional ones. These include interest accumulation programs that can provide extra income, yearly invites to conferences, black cards, expertise of strategy advisors from different firms, risk specialists, hedging automatic trader and up to 70% insured contracts. For this account, you cannot just sign up directly, as there are some additional requirements. You can find more about these by getting in touch with your account manager. 

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Banking at AOS-Exchange

As stated earlier, every account type comes with minimum deposit requirements, which means you have to add funds. This requires you to check the banking solutions available. AOS-Exchange has added options that range from the traditional to the modern, for the convenience of the traders. You can go with the former, which means wire transfers via your bank account. As for the latter, you can try credit cards like Visa or MasterCard. Online payment solutions like Skrill, are also an option. These are also available for making withdrawals, when you decide to get your hands on the profits you have made or just want to withdraw your capital. 

When you know enough about AOS-Exchange, you can go ahead and open your account to trade in the cryptocurrency market and earn the returns you have wanted.

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