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Youtuber Offered To Buy 111 Tesla S3 Cars If Permitted To Pay In BCH

Apr 22, 2021

Last month Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, whose title had been officially changed as “Technoking” announced the acceptance of crypto payments towards company purchases. It was told by Musk that if someone wishes to purchase any particular model of electric vehicle manufactured by Tesla, then the person can do so through crypto as well.

This was a big decision for the company which was a step towards ensuring mass crypto adoption. The company Tesla made a policy that the company’s products can be purchased either through cash or through cryptocurrencies. However, the company specifically told that the crypto payments through Bitcoin will be accepted as payment only. No other cryptocurrency will be accepted as payment towards the purchase of Tesla-produced electric vehicles.

Now an online video message has been surfacing on social media in which a man could be seen offering a proposal to Tesla. The person is the one who is the founder of a Youtube channel called 1stmil.com. This Youtube channel is famous for teaching people how they can earn millions of dollars and is self-hosted by the owner of the channel. Furthermore, the owner claims to be the biggest fan of Tesla manufactured electric vehicles, particularly, its latest model S3. In fact, in several of his video content, he could be seen driving Tesla’s S3 model and discussing its unique features.

The owner of the channel has publicly offered that he would like to purchase 111 cars of Tesla’s 3s Model. However, his only condition is that he would like to settle the invoices of the cars by paying in Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The channel owner in his video message has directly addressed Tesla Technoking to accept his offer.

In his video message he showcased his digital wallet containing BCH while he was standing well within the parking lot of Tesla’s headquarter. Standing in the parking lot he said that if Musk allows him to pay in BCH then he would instantly want to purchase 3 cars. In his digital wallet evidently, there were more than enough BCH available to acquire what he was bargaining for.

He also suggested to Tesla that he has many friends who also promote BCH and are willing to buy Tesla cars through BCH. The Youtuber then placed his ultimate offer of buying 111 S3 model cars on the condition that BCH is accepted as payment.

At the end of his video message, the famous Youtuber said that he would want Musk to consider his offer. He stated that he would be anxiously waiting for Musk to respond to him directly or through his official Twitter account. He also hoped that it would be a dream coming true if he finds Musk mentioning him in one of his tweet posts. He is curious to know that Tesla is willing to accept his offer in the greater public interest, suggested the Youtuber.

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