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Veve And Marvel Partner To Drop Marvel Artworks NFT Collection 

Aug 30, 2022

On August 29th, Veve, a digital collectibles firm, announced a new partnership with Marvel. According to the report, Veve has launched NFT covers from three 3 Marvel comic book designers.

The NFT collection is dubbed Marvel Artworks and would be a limited edition. Also, it would feature book covers of Black Panther and Spider-Man. 

Veve Unveils Marvel Artworks NFT Collection 

Marvel Entertainment keeps releasing digital collectibles for the NFT market. The company has partnered with Veve to launch another NFT collection. 

Both companies want to drop three NFT limited editions from Marvel’s Artwork collection. Before now, Veve partnered with Marvel to drop Captain America and Spider-Man digital collectibles last year.

Also, Veve has partnered with Marvel’s rival, DC Comics and Walt Disney, to launch NFTs. Meanwhile, the NFT auction for Marvel’s new NFT collection started today, August 30th. And will end by September 2nd at 2 pm.

The bids for the auction begin at $1,500 for each digital collectible. According to Veve, each bid is silent. This means participants do not know one another’s bids. The highest bidder wins the digital collectible once the auction timer runs out.

The NFT collection features the artworks of Skottie Young (Amazing Spider-Man), Brian Stelfreeze (Black Panther), and Sara Pichelli (Miles Morale: Spider-Man).

The last NFT collection Marvel and Veve released was on August 23rd. Both firms dropped the Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #3. The NFTs are readable and have five categories of covers.

NFT Sales Drop In August 

Meanwhile, NFT sales in August have dropped by over 10% compared to last month. In August, NFT sales generated a revenue of around $603.33 million.

However, cryptoslam.io metrics revealed that this revenue is lower than July’s, which is about $666.93 million. Judging by NFT sales, Immutable X is presently the third largest blockchain-based platform in August. 

Also, the company’s sales increased by over 169% in August compared to July. Meanwhile, according to Google Trend, the number of search queries for “NFT” have dropped in August. 

As of January, the GT score for the term was 100. However, it has dropped to just 14 as of August 21st. This reveals that only a few users have searched for the term NFT this week. Also, there has been a reduction in the sales volume of NFT. 

It appears the hype surrounding NFTs is dying down. However, this has not deterred companies from issuing more NFTs. Large firms that issued NFTs in 2022 are Funko, Paramount, Mattel, Atari, Warner Bros., and Hasbro.

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