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Singapore To Hold Marriage And Court Cases In The Metaverse

Jul 31, 2022

With the advent of the metaverse, more individuals now believe real life could exist in a virtual form. Recently, the digital world has produced more astounding results in several spheres of existence. 

Additionally, the metaverse is increasingly becoming popular. This is due to the large investments of companies.

According to a Singaporean government official, weddings and court proceedings may one day be handled via the Metaverse. Edwin Tong, minister of law in Singapore, said at TechLaw Fest that private events such as marriages could take place in the metaverse.

Minister Champions Conducting Of Legal Proceedings In The Metaverse 

Also, the government plans to move other services online through the metaverse. Tong remarked that there is nothing wrong with such improvements.

This is because it would allow people to get married from anywhere in the world without being there physically. Also, it would reduce costs for all parties involved.

Additionally, the minister said the pandemic made it apparent that dispute settlement may now be done virtually online. This was a process that was formerly carried out physically.

Also, he used the example of using augmented reality in a legal case involving an accident. For example, an accident occurred at a construction site. 

Officials can observe the incident in three different ways using only one virtual arena. In addition, the minister said that by using AR, a person could put himself inside a real oil underground facility or containment facility to view a construction disagreement.

Offline Legal Hearings Will Also Continue 

However, Tong said adopting this technology would not exclude the regular offline hearings. He believes that doing this will provide a hybrid element. 

He continued by saying that this kind of integrated venue would offer greater convenience throughout the full dispute-resolution process. This is because of the efficiency and speed.

Furthermore, Decentraland, a Metaverse-based platform, is the first to hold a marriage in the metaverse. The platform held its first wedding earlier this year.

Over 2000 virtual guests, as well as Rose Law Group, were on site to officiate the marriage ceremonies. According to Jordan Rose, the group’s president and founder, it was the first marriage to occur on a blockchain-based metaverse.

Meanwhile, the South Korean authority has been taking proactive steps toward proper metaverse initiatives. The government has allocated over $177 million to construct a facility. 

The facility will give the general public access to various public services.

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