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Ricardo Salinas of Mexico Poses Confidence in Bitcoin and Rejects Fiat For Being Fraud

Jun 27, 2021

The third richest man from Mexico has said that Bitcoin has come from outside the world. It is a precious metal that is not found on earth. It has become so precious that not even Silver or Gold can outmatch Bitcoin. It doesn’t matter to Ricardo Salinas Pliego if Bitcoin is assumed neither as an asset nor as a currency.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego is known globally for being the third most richest and influential man in Mexico. He is also the founder and owner in charge of Mexico’s business giant group called Grupo Salinas.

Pliego was questioned for an interview by Jose Rodrigues, a journalist for a famous local magazine of Mexico. During the interview, Pliego said frankly that to him Bitcoin is more than just an “asset”. However, he told that he was never part of the discussion where Bitcoin’s status as an asset or currency was doubted by anyone. To him, Bitcoin has surpassed both classes and has become a valuable thing that is even beyond the likes of Gold and Silver.

He also opined that if you have a Gold coin, you cannot wander into a grocery store and buy a pack of chips and a cola. Instead, you would be asked to pay the money either in cash or through electronic cash. He said that similar is the situation with Bitcoin. It is something that is way beyond Gold and you cannot enter into any store and buy things. It has its limited usage and that limitation should be respected otherwise what would be the difference between Gold and a Dollar.

Discussing the benefits of Bitcoin, Pliego told the interviewer that there are manifold advantages of Bitcoin usage and trade. For instance, Bitcoin has divisibility and it is a source of transferring funds at ease of convenience. In addition, he pointed out that in his personal view Bitcoin is a precious metal that has come from outside the world. It has special properties which are intriguing as well as surprising. The most provident benefit of Bitcoin to him is that it is better than gold and cash. In fact, it can be easily classified as computerized gold. He also believes that when crypto will be adopted in its fullest form throughout the world, nobody would rely on cash. He said that fiat is a fraud and the mega-fraudster is the US Dollar currency.

Pliego is holding several professional portfolios and one of his portfolios involves crypto investment. His total net worth till 31st May 2021 is exceeding over US$ 15.8 Billion. He is also listed amongst the world’s richest men. He also owns a private commercial bank in Mexico known as the Banco Azteca. Pliego had earlier told that it has asked the management of Banco Azteca to adopt Bitcoin. However, the bank is still studying the possibility of how it can conveniently introduce Bitcoin to its services.

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