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Price Analysis of X (X), Idea Chan Coin (ICH), ESWAP.TUBE (TUBE2), and more Cryptocurrencies

Feb 13, 2022

The data for X (X) by CoinMarketCap shows X has been supported heavily by the investors in the past 24-hours. The data shows that in the past 24-hours, the price for X has surged by 179.0%. On February 6, X’s price was at a low of $0.012 per X. As of now, the price of X is at a high of $0.02288 per X.

The rise in the price of X is because of the high level of interest that the investors have displayed in pushing its price higher. If the trend continues, then the investors will be successful in pushing the price of X up to the first strong resistance mark. At the time of publication, the first strong resistance mark for X is $0.06383.

So far, the RSI for X is in the bearish zone but if the investors keep pouring in more money, then X may surge again. The strong rally from the side of the investors would result in pushing X’s price up to the second strong resistance mark of $0.1209.

If the investors keep pushing in favor of a strong rally, then the price of X may go beyond the third strong resistance mark of $0.1751.

Idea Chain Coin (ICH) is also among the high performers having observed a 90.85% rally in the past 24-hours. On February 8, Idea Chain Coin was at a low price of $0.2426 per ICH. At the time of writing, Idea Chain Coin is hovering over the $0.9692 per ICH figure.

The surge goes to strengthen the bullish predictions being made by a majority of the analysts in favor of Idea Chain Coin. If the investors keep increasing their buying support, Idea Chain Coin may succeed in getting pushed over $1.84.

If the investors manage to achieve the first strong resistance mark, they would ultimately go for the second strong resistance mark ($2.67). As Idea Chain Coin keeps hitting one high resistance mar after another, more investors would start joining its bullish rally.

This would result in favor of the bulls and help them push Idea Chain Coin over to the third strong resistance mark of $3.27 per ICH.

The next cryptocurrency on the list is ESWAP.TUBE (TUBE2) has observed a high rally in the 24-hour trading window. As of now, ESWAP.TUBE’s trading price versus USDT is $2.56. The value of ESWAP.TUBE has achieved the particular value after experiencing a 92.76% in the past 24-hours.

The performance examination of ESWAP.TUBE suggests that it may continue surging, becoming more profitable in the due course. If ESWAP.TUBE continues growing, the first resistance mark it may hit would be $3.74, before hitting a high price of $4.87 per TUBE2.

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