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Price Analysis of WorkerTown (WTN) and Synthetix (SNX)

Apr 10, 2022

Time to take a look at the performance of Workertown and Synthetix in the past 24-hours. Both WTN and SNX have been maintaining high rallies in the past 24-hours and they have grown at very high rates. At the moment, the investors are closely monitoring their growth and if things go well, then their prices may continue surging.

Let us have a look at the performance of the cryptocurrencies and see how they may perform in the upcoming days.

WorkerTown (WTN) – Moved Up by 79.59%

Out of several cryptocurrencies demonstrating high performances, WorkerTown has emerged as one of the top performers. In the past 24-hours, the investors have rallied towards WorkerTown and they have formed a 79.59% rally.

With the help of the rally, the bulls have managed to push the price of WorkerTown to a high of $5.78 per WTN. For the record, the value of WorkerTown was at a low of $3.3 per WTN, before the bulls went up for high purchases for WorkerTown.

Even now, the bulls continue buying WorkerTown at a higher scale, which has pushed the trading volume higher by 186.22%. If the bulls keep practicing higher gains for WorkerTown in near future, the price of WorkerTown may raise to $6.01 per SNX.

From the looks of it, the rally may not end for some time, because the bulls haven’t launched a very unrealistic rally. There is no indication of the bulls retreating from their strong acquisitions and causing damage to the investments of short-term investors.

If the bulls continue with their acquisition spree, the price of WorkerTown may get pushed up to $6.39 per SNX.

As more momentum gets injected into the rally with stronger sentiments of the investors, the price of WorkerTown may surge to $6.86 per SNX.

Synthetix (SNX) – Moved Up by 7.59%

Synthetix is also experiencing a low-level rally but it is expected that the rate may grow as more investors start forming their line alongside the bulls.

In the past 24-hours, the rally formed by the bulls for Synthetix has been 7.59% and the investors may continue increasing it for higher gains. Currently, the investors have no intentions of selling Synthetix, which is very advantageous for the bulls. So far, the high price Synthetix bulls have achieved is worth $7.00 per SNX.

As the spirits of the investors remain high, the RSI for Synthetix may move into the bullish zone. This would help the bulls form stronger rallies and then the price of Synthetix may rise to $7.30 per SNX. If the sentiments keep getting stronger and the rally doubles, then the price of Synthetix may grow up to $7.80 per SNX.

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