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Price Analysis of PlayGame (PXG) and Hold2Earn (H2E)

Mar 5, 2022

Below are two cryptocurrencies that have demonstrated huge gains in the past 24-hours, and they are set for higher gains in near future. However, both the bullish, as well as the bearish analysis has been run on the couple to see how determined are their investors.

PlayGame (PXG) Grows to $0.000255 with 94.66% Rally

PlayGame (PXG) has demonstrated a strong play in the past 24-hours that has been made possible with a high contribution from the bulls’ end. The bulls have supported the investors, eager to make PlayGame more lucrative by boosting the buying power.

Therefore, PlayGame has risen all the way up to $0.0002550 per PXG, which was possible after forming a 94.66% rally. As the price of PlayGame has continued rising, the sentiments of the investors have tagged along. This means that the stronger PlayGame grows in value, the more investors it would have pushed its uptrend.

Based on the above analysis, the bulls may continue pushing with strong buying power, and push PlayGame to $0.0003756 per PXG.

As of now, the bulls are demonstrating a lot of enthusiasm in pushing PlayGame higher in value. If the bulls keep up with their buying power, the bears may not be able to pose much of a challenge or competition. As a result, the price of PlayGame may grow up to $0.0004646 per PXG.

The bulls may go for another chase but this time, they will need to take care of the RSI and the moving averages first. If the bulls successfully move both factors within the bullish zone, then PlayGame may rise all the way up to $0.0005196 per PXG.

If the bears do not want the bulls to do as they please, they may need to increase their selling power. If the bears successfully push the bulls into a corner, they may be able to push PlayGame to $0.0002040 per PXG. Following the first dip, the bears may continue increasing their selling power to push PlayGame down to $0.0001652 per PXG.

Hold2Earn (H2E) Grows to $0.2227 with 68.11% Rally

When it comes to Hold2Earn, the cryptocurrency has not disappointed its investors at all. Hold2Earn has succeeded in becoming a bullish cryptocurrency in the past 24-hours, having observed a 68.11% rally. It is because of the rally that Hold2Earn now stands at a unit value of $0.2227 per H2E.

If the bulls keep reigning the Hold2Earn market, then it would be completely impossible for the bears to push Hold2Earn down to lower value. The bulls may attempt to increase the buying power of Hold2Earn, only to push Hold2Earn all the way up to $0.3791 per H2E.

In the worst-case scenario, if the bears do not let the bulls do as they please, then the price of Hold2Earn may dip to $0.1781. The bears may attempt to dip Hold2Earn by selling it on a large scale. This would lower the confidence of bulls, and push Hold2Earn down to $0.1443 per H2E.

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