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Price Analysis of Non-Fungible Yearn (NFY), Shisha (SHISH), and LunaChow (LUCHOW)

Apr 18, 2022

Non-Fungible Yearn (NFY) – 62.56% Soar

The price for Non-Fungible Yearn has continued experiencing a strong push in the past 24-hours. Therefore, the bulls have successfully formed a strong 62.56% rally in favor of the bullish trend for Non-Fungible Yearn.

So far, the price of Non-Fungible Yearn has been pushed up to a high of $4.06 per NFY. If the sentiments of the investors remain high, then this won’t be the only high price benchmark for Non-Fungible Yearn. In the upcoming days, the bulls may continue hitting high benchmarks for Non-Fungible Yearn.

The first strong resistance mark that the bulls may try to hit with their strong buying power would be $4.52 per NFY.

As the sentiments of the investors keep growing stronger, the technical factors such as RSI and moving averages may also follow the actual trend line for Non-Fungible Yearn.

This would result in strengthening the confidence level of the bulls alongside the investors wanting to increase their accumulations in Non-Fungible Yearn. If these parties continue buying Non-Fungible Yearn at a stronger rate, the price of Non-Fungible Yearn may grow up to $4.85 per NFY.

Shisha (SHISH) – 57.00% Soar

Shisha has also witnessed a strong buying spree initiated by the bulls. They have shown great resolve in acquiring Shisha at a very high level, and it is because of their strong sentiments, that a strong 57.00% rally has been formed.

Due to the strong rally, the trading price of the SHISH/USDT pair has grown up to a high of $0.00001572 per SHISH.

For now, the trend is constantly growing bullish in favor of Non-Fungible Yearn, and if the bulls keep growing stronger, then Non-Fungible Yearn’s price may surge to $0.00001893 per SHISH.

The trading volume for Non-Fungible Yearn is still in the high positive exhibiting a 151.49% surge. This means that the bulls are very stubborn against the bears increasing the value of Non-Fungible Yearn by acquiring it at a high level.

If the sentiments of the bulls remain strong, then the price of Non-Fungible Yearn may grow up to a high of $0.00002204 per SHISH.

LunaChow (LUCHOW) – 54.38% Soar

LunaChow is also a bullish cryptocurrency at the moment as it has recorded a 54.38% rally in the past 24hours. So far, the price of LunaChow has grown up to its current high price of $0.0000007095 per LUCHOW. However, this is not the only high mark that the bulls have achieved as they are aiming to hit stronger ranks.

Going forward, the price of LunaChow may grow up to a high of $0.0000008432 per LUCHOW. With the sentiments of the bulls not giving up on the selling sentiments of the bears, the price of LunaChow may surge to $0.0000008922 per LUCHOW.

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