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Price Analysis of Drep (DREP), Green Beli (GRBE), and SaitokiInu (SAITOKI)

Apr 17, 2022

Drep (DREP) Price may Surge to $1.88

In the past 24-hours, the trading value of Drep has witnessed substantial growth. The analysis report for Drep suggests that its price has experienced a 69.47% elevation, bringing its trading price up to $1.42 per DREP.

Before the buyers had launched their strong rally against the constant selling pressure of the bears, Drep’s price was at a low of $0.8223 per DREP.

However, the buyers were not ready to let the bears run the show and in the past 24-hours, they formed a strong rally, bringing Drep to its current value.

The trading volume for Drep has also elevated at a great rate. So far, the elevation recorded for Drep’s trading volume in the past 24-hours is 1102.52%, bringing the figure up to $10,728,346.

If the bulls continue going for stronger gains, then the investors may also increase their support for the bulls. They may back them up with stronger purchasing influence. As the influence of the bullish trend continues to grow for Drep, the bears may start backing out.

This would provide enough opening to the bulls to push the price of Drep to a high of $1.88 per DREP. If the bulls do not want to give the control back to the bears in near future, they will need to keep feeding the rally.

If their attempt turns successful, then the bulls may be able to push the price of Drep to a high of $2.03 per DREP.

Green Beli (GRBE) Price may Surge to $0.01258

Green Beli investors are currently giving no room to the bears to run their selling spree. Whenever the bears launch their selling spree, the bulls counter it with an even stronger buying spree. This has resulted in forming a 58.49% rally, pushing Green Beli to its current high price of $0.007972 per GRBE.

If the bulls are able to sustain the constant pressure coming from the bears, they will be able to push Green Beli’s price to $0.009964 per GRBE.

With the RSI moving above the midline, the bulls may gain more confidence going for higher gains of Green Beli. This would push Green Beli’s price to a high of $0.01258 per GRBE.

SaitokiInu (SAITOKI) Price may Surge to $0.000007439

SaitokiInu has experienced a strong bullish run in a matter of 24-hours that has pushed its price up by 52.89%. At the time of writing, the price of SaitokiInu is at a high of 0.000003578 per SAITOKI. If the bulls are able to keep the rally going, then the trading volume for SaitokiInu may also grow higher.

This would result in pushing the price of SaitokiInu to a new high price ($0.000005582 per SAITOKI). With the moving averages and the relative strength index becoming bullish, the investors would have a high chance of pushing SaitokiInu to $0.000007439 per SAITOKI.

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