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Price Analysis of Moonbeam (GLMR) and MilliMeter (MM)

Apr 12, 2022

The cryptocurrency observers have been closely monitoring Moonbeam and MilliMeter for the past 24-hours for their phenomenal performances. Both cryptocurrencies have exhibited huge rallies in the 24-hour window, and their popularity is still rising.

This is the reason why the investors are going for higher gains for both assets. Based on the recent performances of GLMR and MM, it has become important to analyze their current situation and future gains.

MoonBeam (GLMR) Aiming to Hit $5.20

MoonBeaminvestors have really made the digital asset shine in the past 24-hours with their strong buying demonstration. The analysis data suggests that before the bullish march began, the trading value of the GLMR/USDT pair was at a low of $2.98 per GLMR.

However, the bulls rallied in the past 24-hours, creating a 35.26% rush, which has pushed the trading value of the GLMR/USDT pair to a high of $4.04 per GLMR.

Even now, the trading volume for MoonBeamcontinues to elevate and so far, the 24h elevation recorded for MoonBeamis 144.71%. If the situation keeps going in favor of the buyers, they may continue defeating the bears at any ground.

This would result in adding more value to MoonBeam, pushing it up to $4.39 per GLMR. As the investors remain high-spirited, the price of MoonBeam may continue elevating, growing all the way up to $4.78 per GLMR. As the technical indicators keep moving in to the bullish zone, the price of MoonBeam may surge to $5.20 per GLMR. If the bulls keep on adding more value to the rally with their constant buying, MoonBeam’s price may surge to $5.53 per GLMR.

MilliMeter (MM) Aiming to Hit $1.50

The MilliMeter investors are also showing high resolve in pushing the price of MilliMeter to great heights. In the past 24-hours, the bulls have formed a 32.10% rally, which has proven quite useful for the growth of MilliMeter. It has proven to be a stepping stone for MilliMeter, as its price is constantly rising, and at the time of writing, it is worth $0.9633 per MM.

In the upcoming days, the high-level buying initiated by the bulls may upsurge the value of MilliMeter to $1.11. If the trend allows it, then the investors may try and push MilliMeter’s price up to $1.29 per MM. Going forward, the bulls may go for another buying spree, bringing MilliMeter up to $1.50 per MM.

In the case where the bulls fail to sustain selling pressure of the MilliMeter bears, then the price of MilliMeter may fall below $0.8437 per MM.

As MilliMeter falls below $0.8437, then the investors may start withdrawing from their accumulations, which would result in pulling the price of MilliMeter below $0.7639 per MM.

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