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Price Analysis of Lido DAO Token (LDO) and The Graph (GRT)

Apr 13, 2022

If you are thinking about investing in new and promising cryptocurrencies, then go for Lido DAO Token and The Graph. These cryptocurrencies are proving to be constant high performers as they have been growing significantly in the past few days. However, LDO and GRT’s performances in the past 24-hours have been astonishing, and the price analysis is predicting positive gains for both LDO and GRT in near future.

Lido DAO Token (LDO)

At the time of writing, the trading price of Lido DAO Token versus Tether stands at a high spot ($4.66). In the past 24-hours, the investors have formed a 23.23% rally that has aided in bringing the price of Lido DAO Token from $3.31 to this point.

The 24h trading volume Lido DAO Token has achieved is worth $17.27 million and it may continue growing higher in the upcoming days. Also, the relative strength index for Lido DAO Token is at 66.114. It suggests that the trend for Lido DAO Token has remained within the positive zone for a while, and it may continue supporting the positive trend.

This would eventually support the investors in pushing its value up to $5.20 per LDO. As the buying power of the investors keeps growing, the trading volume and the demand for Lido DAO Token may grow as well. This would push Lido DAO Token to a high of $5.80 per LDO.

The Graph (GRT)

The Graph has also experienced a high trend in the past 24-hours, where the observers have witnessed an 18.37% surge in its value. Following the surge, the trading price of the GRT/USDT pair has rushed to $0.5411 per GRT.

Even now, the momentum continues growing higher and more investors are becoming part of the rally. So far, the rally has worked out in favor of the bulls and if it remains that way, then The Graph’s price may surge to $0.6451 per GRT.

If the bulls keep aiming higher and keep adding more power to the rally, then the RSI for The Graph may also move into the bullish zone. This would further strengthen the self-confidence of the investors and they may go for higher gains. This would result in The Graph’s growing up to $0.7044.

Once the relative strength index is within the same zone as the actual trend line, the situation may become quite interesting for the bulls. They may gain the opportunity of increasing their investment caps and even let the investors join their ranks.

By doing this, the investment pool for The Graph will be increased tremendously. If the investors and the bulls keep going with the same plan, The Graph’s price may surge to $0.7543 per GRT.

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