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Price Analysis of Metafluence (METO), GrimaceBsc.com (GRIMACE), and FONE (FONE)

Feb 7, 2022

The price for MetaFluence (METO) has reportedly observed a significant rise in a matter of 24-hours, thanks to strong buying demonstrating from the investors. In a 24-hour period, the price of MetaFluence has surged by 104.86%. At present, the value of MetaFluence is at $0.03181 per METO.

Over time, as the influence of the bulls continues growing over the general MetaFluence market, the investors would be motivated to add more investments to acquire more MetaFluence. This would help in increasing the value of MetaFluence up to its first strong resistance mark ($0.06516).

Once the first strong resistance mark has been achieved for MetaFluence, the investors may intensify their MetaFluence buying efforts. This would help push the price of MetaFluence up to the second strong resistance mark ($0.09930), followed by the third strong resistance mark ($0.1340).

Making it to the list after MetaFluence is GrimaceBsc.com (GRIMACE) which is also growing significantly in size. In the past 24-hours, the worth of GrimaceBsc.com has surged by 103.08% bringing the unit value of GrimaceBsc.com up to $3.56.

Although the bears have been trying hard to pull the price of GrimaceBsc.com in the downward direction, the bulls seem to be stealing the show at the moment. Their buying efforts are more than the likes of the bears, resulting in a stronger rally.

If the buying power of the investors continues backing the bulls, the price of GrimaceBsc.com may grow up to $5.39, the first strong resistance mark for GrimaceBsc.com. Further support from the investors may only result in pushing GrimaceBsc.com’s price higher.

This would eventually help swell the price of GrimaceBsc.com up to its second strong resistance mark ($6.32). Once GrimaceBsc.com reaches the second strong resistance mark, the investors would grow confident increasing their buying power. This would eventually result in increasing the price of GrimaceBsc.com up to its third strong resistance mark ($7.13).

FONE (FONE) investors are also leaning towards bullish sentiments. This means that the price of FONE may continue growing from its current growth point. Even at the moment, the price of FONE has managed to grow by 102.14%.

Even the current growth observed by FONE is the result of high-interest rate of investors in increasing its price. So far, FONE’s price has moved up to $0.00004903. If the bullish sentiments of the investors remain determined, then FONE would grow up to $0.00007406.

As the momentum keeps building in support of the rally by the investors, the price of FONE may also continue building. These rallies would prove fruitful in pushing the price of FONE higher, bringing the price up to $0.00009929.

It is being expected that given stronger rallies, FONE may hit its third strong support mark that is $0.0001246.

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