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Price Analysis of EHB, METAPAY, PAPPAY, ESI, and MQST

Feb 8, 2022

In today’s crypto market, EarnHub (EHB) has reportedly observed a 90.36% dip in its price. The investors have started selling EarnHub on a larger scale, bringing the price of EarnHub down to $0.00000008977 per EHB.

For now, the sentiments of the investors are in the bearish zone, which may end up bringing the price of EHB down to $0.00000004937. If more investors sell EarnHub on a larger scale, then the price of EarnHub may get pushed down to $0.00000003826.

The next cryptocurrency is MetaPay (METAPAY) which is also observing a negative trend in terms of its price. In a 24-hour time period, MetaPay’s price has plunged by 85.23%. Due to the plunge caused by heavy selling of MetaPay by the bears, the price of MetaPay has dipped to $0.000001231.

If the bears keep bringing more investors to their side, then the bearish trend may continue getting stronger. This would eventually bring the price of MetaPay down to $0.0000006893.

PAPPAY (PAPPAY) has also experienced a huge plummet in its price in the past 24-hours. It seems that the investors have lost their confidence in keeping its price within a bullish territory. Their sentiments have now turned bearish and they are siding with “strong selling” than “buying” sentiments.

Therefore, a huge plunge (78.74%) has been witnessed, bringing the price of PAPPAY down to $0.00000007021. If the bears keep selling PAPPAY with high bearish sentiments, then the bulls won’t be able to pose any competition against them. This would result in bringing the price of PAPPAY down to $0.000000035100.

The cryptocurrency experiencing a 73.87% plunge in the past 24-hours is Evil Shiba Inu (ESI). Evil Shiba Inu has also ended up losing the support of the investors that had bullish sentiments about the cryptocurrency. As a result, it is the bears that have the lead over bulls, and they are in control of moving the price of Evil Shiba Inu lower.

At the time of publication, the price of Evil Shiba Inu is at $0.0005134, and the price is expected to dive deeper. If the price does plunge, then it may go down to $0.000256.

Another cryptocurrency that is currently not in good shape is MonsterQuest (MQST). The price analysis report for MonsterQuest shows that the bears currently have more influence over their price than the bulls. The bears have already demonstrated their prowess being initiating strong selling activity, bringing the price of MonsterQuest down to $0.004587. The selling power of the MonsterQuest bears created a 70.47% dip, which brought the price of MonsterQuest down to the current figure.

If the bears keep building their selling pressure, the price of MonsterQuest may plunge deeper, bringing its price to $0.002293.

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