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Price Analysis of Metacyber (METAC) and Bitcoin Metaverse (BITMETA)

Apr 21, 2022

Metacyber (METAC) and Bitcoin Metaverse (BITMETA) have demonstrated strong gaining powers in the past 24-hours. METAC and BITMETA have experienced a 718.09% and 222.38% growth in their values and demand in the past 24-hours. Let us go through the past performances of these cryptocurrencies versus the current performance, and their upcoming values to get a clearer picture of their prices.

Metacyber Experienced 718.09% Surge

Metacyber has experienced a 718.09% elevation in the past 24-hours in terms of its value. Following the elevation, the unit price of Metacyber has surged to $0.0000009001 per METAC. Before the bulls had launched their strong march against the bears to run a strong positive trend, Metacyber’s price was at a low of $0.0000001034 per METAC.

However, the bulls kept coming back with a strong push every time the bears tried launching a selling spree. The bulls carried on with their strong buy attempts until they formed the strong that has pushed Metacyber to its current high price.

So far, the trading volume for Metacyber has been pushed higher with a strong buying force. It is currently standing at $293,111 as a result of a 4873.84% push in the past 24-hours.

If the trend continues and the investors keep supporting the bullish run, then the price of Metacyber is expected to grow up to a high of $0.000001233 per METAC.

The rise in the trading volume for Metacyber suggests that the investors may continue pushing with stronger gaining potential. Their aim would be to push the price of Metacyber to even high benchmarks.

At the moment, the investors are aiming to push the price of Metacyber to a strong resistance mark. The figure they may have insight would be $0.000001848 per METAC.

Bitcoin Metaverse Experienced 222.38% Surge

Bitcoin Metaverse price has experienced a 222.38% elevation in value in the past 24-hours. The investors have rallied in favor of Bitcoin Metaverse and they have no intentions of pulling back anytime soon.

Therefore, the price of Bitcoin Metaverse may continue surging. As for now, the trading price of Bitcoin Metaverse is worth $0.0007352 per BITMETA, but prior to the rally, it was at $0.0002863 per BITMETA. The valuation and the trading volume for Bitcoin Metaverse have both experienced surges in the past 24-hours.

This is a strong indication of the strong buying sentiments of the investors. If the investors continue acquiring Bitcoin Metaverse at a high rate, the price of Bitcoin Metaverse may grow up to a high mark. In the upcoming days, the price of Bitcoin Metaverse may surge all the way up to a high of $0.0009872 per BITMETA.

As the buying pressure continues building over the bears, the price of Bitcoin Metaverse may surge all the way up to $0.001336 per BITMETA.

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