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Price Analysis of Dogelon Mars (ELON) and Livepeer (LPT)

Apr 14, 2022
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Let’s run a price analysis on Dogelon Mars and Livepeer to see where they stand at the moment and where they were prior to their respective rallies. The couple is currently under observation by the entire cryptocurrency analytical community for their strong performances in the past 24-hours.

Dogelon Mars Elevated by 8.83%

The value of Dogelon Mars has been growing at a noticeable rate in the past 24-hours. The value of Dogelon Mars has experienced an 8.83% surge, which has pushed its value from a low of $0.0000008266 to a high of $0.0000009871 per ELON.

The investors have reportedly increased their buying power in the past 24-hours and they may not stop doing it for some time. This would eventually push the price of Dogelon Mars to a higher mark.

At the time of writing, the trading volume for Dogelon Mars is worth $3,444,597. It suggests that Dogelon Mars has been moving higher into the bullish zone, and it may continue doing that in the upcoming days.

With the investment level of the investors growing in Dogelon Mars, the price of Dogelon Mars may raise to $0.000001109 per ELON. The Dogelon Mars investors may try and increase their accumulation power with the aim of bringing the RSI to their support.

This would eventually push the price of Dogelon Mars to another high price of $0.000001288 per ELON. If the bulls successfully hit and cross the $0.000001288 benchmark, Dogelon Mars may successfully enter the resistance zone.

Livepeer Elevated by 8.90%

Livepeer is also experiencing a high bullish run and in the past 24-hours, the investors have intensified their buying power. It has resulted in pushing the price of Livepeer by 8.62%, rushing the price of Livepeer to a high of $30.74 per LPT.

Even before the bulls had formed the strong rally, Livepeer found itself exhibiting a low price of $26.93 per LPT. So far, the trading volume for Livepeer has rushed to $48.14 million, and if the investors keep buying Livepeer, its value may surge to $35.61 per LPT.

As the relative strength index for Livepeer moves higher into the positive zone, then the price of Livepeer may surge to a high of $39.43 per LPT. If the sentiments of the investors keep growing stronger, then the price of Livepeer may elevate to a strong resistance mark of $44.69 per LPT.

On the contrary, if the bears win against the bulls at $30.74, then Livepeer’s price may get pulled down to $26.93 per LPT. This would force the investors to sell their accumulations to save themselves from more losses. As a result, the price of Livepeer may get dragged down to $23.33 per LPT.

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