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Price Analysis of CATCOIN (CATS) and STATERA (STA)

Feb 9, 2022

In a 24h window, the CATCOIN (CATS) bulls have witnessed a great buying interest from the investors. The surge in buying interest by the investors has resulted in a 200.63% rally, subsequently pushing the price of CATCOIN up to $0.0000000003843 per CATS.

The TradingView data suggests that if the CATCOIN investors show greater interest in buying CATCOIN, it would reflect in the rally for the digital asset. This would eventually push the price of CATCOIN up to its first strong resistance mark ($0.0000000004474).

As the momentum keeps building up and the investors keep growing stronger sentiments about CATCOIN, then a higher figure would be achieved. According to CATCOIN’s price analysis, CATCOIN may rise up to $0.0000000005193.

The strong sentiments of the investors may trigger another major rally that may result in pushing CATCOIN’s price up to $0.0000000006237 per CATS.

Although the trend for CATCOIN is currently bullish, the bears always have the potential to turn the tides. They may work together in order to push the price of CATCOIN down to a lower figure. If the bears decide to work together and the investors rally with them, then CATCOIN price may experience a dip to $0.0000000002563 per CATS.

If the bears accelerate their selling activity against the bulls, they may compel the investors to join their side. This would result in bringing the value of CATCOIN down to $0.0000000002217

If the bulls decide to compete with the bears, they may try doing it at $0.0000000002217 per CATS mark. There’s a strong chance that the bears may be victorious in this duel, and be able to push CATCOIN’s price down to $0.0000000001030 per CATS.

Then it is STATERA (STA) which is also following a high trend, as it has observed a 138.38% rally in the past 24-hours. The value of STATERA has managed to grow all the way up to $0.04684 per STA.

As the price of STATERA has grown tremendously, the investors now have more confidence in pushing the price of STATERA to a higher mark.

If the bulls keep pushing alongside the investors, then the price of STATERA may rise up to its first strong resistance mark. The first strong resistance mark for STATERA is currently at $0.05761 per STA.

After achieving the first strong resistance mark, the investors may try and elevate the price up to its second strong resistance mark, which is $0.06936 per STA.

Then there are the negative sentiments of the investors that may work in favor of the bears. If the bears are able to use the negative sentiments of the investors properly, then they may succeed in pulling the price of STATERA even lower. In such a case, the price of STATERA may end up plummeting to $0.02171 per STA.

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