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Pivotal Characteristics of Cryptos You Should Know as a Trader

Jun 23, 2021

Trading cryptos has become very popular these days. That is primarily owing to the fact that most crypto assets are very lucrative and buying and selling at the right time can prove to be very advantageous for you. However, before you jump into a trader, you need to know about some of the main characteristics of cryptos that define them. By learning about these cryptos, you will understand more about them and why they are one of the best trading assets in the world today. This article looks into the 4 most prominent characteristics of cryptos every trader should know. In addition, you will find this piece very beneficial if you are new to the crypto world and do not know about cryptocurrencies.

Now without any further ado, read on to learn about the leading features of various cryptos that people to choose to invest and trade in around the world.

Irreversible and Immutable

There is no doubt that immutability is by far one of the most pivotal features of cryptos you ought to know about if you are about to jump into crypto trading. The immutability of cryptocurrency is based on a number of different principles: it is not possible for anyone except the holder of a distinct and private key to move assets of cryptos; 100 percent of the transactions are embedded on the blockchain. As a result, it is not possible to alter or hide any transaction which in turn enhances the security element.

Limited or Scarcity supply

You will be surprised to know that the Fiat currencies have a never-ending supply. These banks around the world manipulate the currencies’ value in accordance with their internal policies. In turn, a number of different cryptocurrencies have a pre-defined and limited supply that is coded in the algorithm. This is what renders them deflationary.

Though some of the more cryptocurrencies that traders invest in have a maximum supply that is fixed, such as bitcoin, there are other crypto coins such as the ether coin which have a steady stream of new assets included in their ecosystem. Even then, the developers include a fixed ether amount every annum.


In most cases, there is no requirement at all for holders of cryptocurrency to identify themselves, when they make transactions. All the users can leverage their digital wallets and digital identities to make use of the decentralized system and securely and safely authenticate all of their transactions. Even then, it is very important that you make note of the fact that the addresses of the wallet are not anonymous completely.

They happen to be pseudonymous- if you do not know what it means, they act in the capacity of a placeholder for the identity of the wallet owner. That said, there are also a number of different cryptocurrencies that you can trade-in, which have very high anonymity levels. Prime examples of such cryptos are Monero and Zcash which are privacy coins and are quite famous in the online crypto trading world.


Decentralization is another key feature of cryptocurrencies that you should know about. A key thing you should know about decentralized systems is that these are less likely to accidentally since they are reliant on networks of different components. It is completely true that cryptocurrencies do not have any central authority. That makes them dissimilar to fiat currencies. The latter is 100 percent controlled by banks and central authorities. Rather, transactions of cryptocurrencies are validated and processed by a distributed and open network.

Wrapping it Up

So there you go- these are the leading and defining characteristics of cryptocurrencies that you ought to know about before you dive into crypto trading. There is no doubt that most experts on the matter agree as well that it is these particular features that make cryptos revolutionary in nature and 100 percent secure to invest in. All transactions are transparent and nothing is hidden from you. The chances of you getting scammed are very less as well. There also may other crypto characteristics that you can read about online to better understand the workings of this trading asset.

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