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OKEx to List Lightest Blockchain Mina Protocol and MINA Token

Jun 5, 2021
FinCEN to Impose New Regulation for Crypto Holdings at Foreign Exchanges

The major cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has embraced the world’s lightest blockchain technology named Mina Protocol and has listed its native token MINA for the sake of crypto-based business expansion by means of spot trading and other related options. Earlier this week, as the crypto industry is reviving its prior reputations, the OKEx officials added further excitement to the crypto community by announcing the collaborations of the cryptocurrency exchange with Mina Protocol which is known to be the world’s lightest blockchain technology as compared to other technologies operation out there in the market and OKEx has listed the Mina Protocol’s native token MINA as well.

OKEx also revealed its concerns and support throughout the last week, and now it has publically announced its support and adoption of MINA token and Mina Protocol for the sake of MINA/USDT spot trading, MINA withdrawals and MINA deposits as well.

All you need to know about MINA (Token and Protocol)

Minimal Protocol is best described as the basic “succinct blockchain” or the lightest blockchain technology, which is built to run DApps via the computational platform efficiently and effectively. MINA being acknowledged as the lightest blockchain supports the growth scalability beyond disturbing the size. Mina Protocol’s concern is to focus on decentralization and security and to strive to build a secure gateway between the crypto and the real world. This project, as enrooted in 2017, recognized itself as the first and unique compressed platform of its kind at that time. The framework of this chain is quite lightweight that doesn’t weigh much, and allows a real quick verification and syncing in the form of small blocks hardly the size of 22kb as it utilizes cryptographic proof of consistent magnitude.

Mina protocol also facilitates the community with micro-certificates that leverages minimal knowledge proofs to verify the efficiency and privacy of transactions. These proofs termed as zk-SNARKs which capture the lightweight snapshots and forwards them for verification instead of sending full chain, to carry out lighter and quicker verification process by means of minimal computational efforts. Once verification is completed, another block will be closed, and a snapshot is being taken of that particular transaction.

About OKEx

OKEx is one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, which was founded back in 2013 and since then hosting hundreds of cryptocurrencies. The exchange is well-known for lending, perpetual swaps, mining services, spot trading and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

OKEx is struggling to prove itself the leading and rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange of the world. And, now adopting Mina Protocol and its native token, MINA is part of business and services extension to entertain the crypto community in an innovative and convenient way.

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