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Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges Currently Ruling the Crypto-Market

May 21, 2022

If you interact with cryptocurrencies and want to withdraw them, then you have to connect with a cryptocurrency exchange. At present, there are more than 550 cryptocurrency exchanges that are providing their exchange services.

If you want to interact with the cryptocurrency world, then it is suggested you do it through a well-reputed cryptocurrency exchange. If you want to choose a cryptocurrency exchange that is promising and reliable, then you can choose an exchange from the following.


Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange with the highest recorded (average) 24-h trading volume. The average volume Binance is used to catering is worth $10,302,691,027. The average liquidity being recorded through the Binance exchange is at 801.

By interacting with Binance, you can gain access to a total of 1663 cryptocurrency markets with more than 390 cryptocurrencies. Surprisingly, the fiat currencies Binance supports include AED, USD, AUD, and 43 more currencies.

Among other cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance hasn’t been taking much damage due to the demise in the overall cryptocurrency market. Other cryptocurrencies however are facing a downtrend.


FTX has now become the second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of average daily trading volume. The data shows that the trading volume FTX records on a daily basis is worth $1,155,832,302. FTX’s average daily liquidity stands at 735.

If you choose to go with FTX, you gain access to a total of 466 markets. You can trade with more than 325 cryptocurrencies through FTX. The fiat currencies FTX offers include GBP, USD, and 8 more currencies.

Coinbase Exchange

Previously, Coinbase was the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange after Binance. It is the only cryptocurrency exchange that went public. Due to the recent downtrend of the S&P 500 Stock Exchange, Coinbase’s stocks have also experienced a dip.

Despite having faced a downtrend, Coinbase is still the third-largest cryptocurrency exchange. The average trading volume observed by Coinbase is worth $979,266,986.

The average liquidity for Coinbase Exchange is 702. You get to access and traded in 505 markets through Coinbase Exchange. The exchange currently supports 174 cryptocurrencies and offers support for GBP, USD, and EUR.


Kraken is among the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges that has been around and it is still providing a wide variety of services. The exchange is known for hosting a 24-hour trading volume of $261,019,467. Kraken reportedly offers you trading access to 547 cryptocurrency markets.

The exchange also offers 170 cryptocurrencies and supports multiple currencies that include GBP, EUR, and 5 more.


KuCoin comes as the next largest cryptocurrency with a trading volume that is worth $1,296,681,746. The average liquidity that KuCoin offers is 514. The number of markets the exchange offers are 1292 and the coins it offers include 697 coins. Apart from USD, it offers 47 more currencies.

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