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Global Crypto Ownership Surpasses 320 Million

Aug 28, 2022

In recent years, crypto adoption has accelerated globally. This is partly due to the bull run in 2021 such saw the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, hit $69,000.

Consequently, more institutional and retail users entered the crypto market. According to reports, global crypto users have surpassed 320 million.

According to the data report, the US tops the list with the most number of crypto owners. The country has witnessed massive crypto adoption compared to other countries. 

The US Leads With The Highest Number Of Crypto Owners

According to Triple A data, the US has over 46 million cryptocurrency users. Moreover, the country houses over 80% of crypto ATMs worldwide. Therefore about 13.74% of the country’s population have cryptocurrency. 

The second country on the list is India, despite the harsh stance of the country’s regulator on cryptocurrencies. In recent years, Indians have flocked to crypto, calling it the new gold.

The number of crypto users in the region is around 27.4 million. However, this is only 2% of the country’s total population as it has over one billion. 

Pakistan ranks third on the list, with over 26.4 million cryptocurrency users. This represents around 11.5% of the country’s population. 

Surprisingly, Nigeria ranks fourth on the list. In recent years, the economic situation in the country has become worse, with the inflation rate shooting through the roof. 

As a result, citizens have switched to crypto to protect their wealth against inflation and the volatility of the Naira. Nigeria has around 22.3 million users, which is 10.34% of its total population. 

Number Of Male Crypto Owners Surpass Females 

In fifth place is Vietnam, with over 20.2 million crypto users. Meanwhile, the number of crypto users in relation to the country’s population is higher than in other states.

About 20.27% of the country’s population are crypto users. Other countries include China, with about 19.88 million, and Brazil, with about 16.65 million.

On a continental basis, Asia has over 130 million cryptocurrency users, while Africa has over 53 million users. Next on the list is North America, in third place with over 51 million users. 

The fourth continent is Europe with about 43 million crypto users, South America with over 27 million, and Oceania with only one million crypto users.

Furthermore, the demographic of the crypto holders reveals that the number of males surpasses females. According to the report, 37% of crypto holders are females, while 63% are males. Also, the report revealed that most of the users, 72%, are under 34 years.

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