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“GBP2 Million Bitcoin Investment Returned GBP7 Million But He Ignored”, Regrets British Rapper JJ

Jul 19, 2021

A famous British rapper who is known by the name “JJ” and is a popular Youtube celebrity shared his side of the story regarding Bitcoin. He told that on the insistence of his friends and few members of the family he invested million into the coin but unfortunately his investment is ruined because of the ongoing dip. Yet, he is still hopeful that a day will come when people will pay US$ 1 Million for obtaining one unit of Bitcoin.

JJ or as most people know him as “KSI” as well is neither his real name. In fact, the name given to him at birth is Olajide Layinka Willians Olatunji. But when he joined the music industry, he changed his name to “JJ”, which is the rap artist’s made-up name.

On this Thursday, he was at the podcast called “Private Parts” where he revealed how he became a Bitcoin investor.

Hailing from Great Britain, JJ’s grew throughout the world instantly when he first emerged in the music industry. In the year 2019, The Sunday Times also ranked him as the second person out of 100 persons from the UK who are regarded as “most influential”. He is also famous on Youtube and is a member of a globally famed Youtube channel called “Sideman”.

While appearing in the podcast, JJ told that when Bitcoin was rising last year, he too was moved by its continuous growth. When he sought a second opinion from his friends and family, they all insisted on him getting Bitcoins whatever it takes. He then decided to invest a total of GBP 2 Million, which was at that time (i.e. November/December 2020) equivalent to US$ 2.75 Million.

He then told that he waited for a few months and then realized that his investment of GBP 2 Million had increased exponentially. He noted that it exceeded literally GBP 7 Million. He then said sadly that now he had lost everything because of the ongoing dip in the Bitcoin market globally. He told that he is still holding his coins and hasn’t decided to sell any of them. Though his investment’s return is negative yet he is sure that it will rise once again.

He also suggested that he is regretting that when Bitcoin’s value went over US$ 55,000, he should have sold them. By doing so he would have been able to get more than double of his invested money. However, he believed that one day Bitcoin will be sold for US$ 100,000 and then at US$ 500,000 and so on. He also stated that he is positive that the day will come for sure when obtaining a single unit of Bitcoin will cost US$ 1 Million. He remarked that he will make sure that he keeps his coins intact till that time.

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