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Digital Currency Craze – India Mines Jobs on Crypto Platforms

Jul 23, 2021

With the increased crypto mining and trading activities in India, crypto platforms will need to hire fresh talents. Engineers are in high demand as most roles appear technical.

Abhiroop Gupta, 25, and an educated engineer lost his employment in Delhi as a tour consultancy during the pandemic. With his adequate savings, he used the lockdown to increase his crypto familiarity.

Gupta joined a crypto mining pool that has had decent progress so far.

You know what? Now Gupta has two employment opportunities from rival crypto firms.

He said that the crypto platform might have noted him due to his active activities of Reddit crypto forums. For now, the engineer plans to choose one of the two job opportunities as an engineer.

Indian crypto platforms will likely hire new talents as the crypto market in the country sees a boom. Engineers enjoy high demand since most positions are technical.

Individuals skilled as blockchain developers, crypto engineers, or backend developers might apply for the jobs.

Hiring consultants said that besides technical roles, marketing, and product developments positions are opening up.

Jose Mathews, an official at PayHire Consulting, said that salaries from crypto jobs are at least 30% higher compared to traditional tech firms. For that reason, most engineers are now venturing into the crypto space. Those without tech knowledge can earn income as product developers and digital marketers.

Engineers on Demand

India progresses in the crypto space, creating an engineering ground for international crypto platforms in the nation.

Panka Gupta, a former executive at Google Pay, stated that the strategy is to hire multiple employees across fields like product management, engineering, UX design, program management, and crypto research by the next two years. That way, the crypto industry in the country will handle most challenges related to the modern market, including deep tech niches like data engineering, machine learning, Blockchains, infrastructure, and more.

With the shortage, it is undeniable that the platforms will pay high. If you think that this is an opportunity to enjoy financial freedom, you can join the craze. Moreover, as crypto seems to define the financial destiny, you can still learn the skills to secure your future.

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