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Crypto – The Last Cause of John McAfee’s Death

Jun 29, 2021

The 75 years old inventor of McAfee anti-virus software, John McAfee has been found dead in Barcelona’s prison. The initial post-mortem report suggests that McAfee committed suicide and that the cause of his death was not natural.

At the prison, he was waiting for the charges to be leveled against him and initiation of the trial. He was arrested for the felony of looting public money through the use of cryptocurrencies. However, there were other charges of money laundering and tax evasion imposed by the authorities of his motherland i.e. the US.

Obviously, McAfee was not strong enough in his old age to bear the pressure and agony of a criminal trial. He was a business tycoon in the US and enjoyed an impeccable reputation amongst Americans, his family, and friends. But the allegations took away everything from him and he was denied by his own people. He was in Spain when he was arrested and put in jail on the charges imposed by the US Government.

Very recently, the US Authorities had filed an application before the Spanish Court for his extradition request. But the request was officially turned down and McAfee continued to rot in jail for more than six months awaiting trial. However, he claimed that the authorities in the US were acting in bias against him and he had been framed for crimes he never committed.

Even some two weeks ago, he issued his statement from the prison and said that he was being framed deliberately. Every asset and penny belonging to him had been taken and stolen from him by the Feds, he claimed. He also stated at the end of his last recorded statement that he had no regrets in his life and now he does not care about the US Authorities. It was somehow a hint showing a sudden change in his behavior as he sounded very calm. These are usually the signs, when a person may appear to be calm from the outside. However, there is a 50% chance that his brain might be insisting he does something extreme.

Now finally he has been found dead in the same place where he was confined for more than 6 months. The cause of his death was confirmed by the Catalan Justice Department as “suicide”. Apparently, a few hours ago before his death, there was a ruling passed by the High Court in Spain. The ruling related to his extradition was demanded by the US Authorities for initiation of a tax evasion trial against him. In the ruling, the High Court of Spain decided the matter in favor of the US Authorities and accepted the request for his extradition.

This was the last thing before death that was heard by once an acclaimed software engineer, McAfee. At the age of 75, he awaited to be extradited for more than 6 months but it seems he lost his patience. Or maybe he did not trust the proposed trial that was to take place in the US.

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